Ordinary Level exam to be held in March

The GCE Ordinary Level Examination 2020 will be held during the first week of March, the Education Ministry announced.

Education Minister Professor G. L. Peiris said the examination will be held from 01- 11 March 2021.

The Ordinary Level exam which is usually held in December was rescheduled and set to be held from 18- 27th January 2021.

However, the current coronavirus pandemic forced the Education Ministry to postpone the examination.

Last week, Education Minister G. L. Peiris told reporters that the examination will most likely be held in March and will not be required to be postponed any further.

He said if the examination is held as planned, the Examinations Department will release the results within three months, in June.

The students will thereafter be given the opportunity to commence their academic activities for the GCE Advanced Level Examinations by July.

The decision to hold the examination in March has been taken after reviewing the current situation in the country and the resumption of academic activities of all schools for Grade 11 students.

A number of schools remain closed to date due to an increase in coronavirus cases in their relevant areas, despite some schools resuming academic activities in late November.

Minister G. L. Peiris announced last week that the date to hold the GCE Ordinary Level Examinations will be finalised after taking into consideration the fairness to all students, the ability to cover the required syllabus by schools and the current situation pertaining to the coronavirus pandemic.

He further said the final date of the examination will be announced 06- weeks prior to the commencement of the examination to provide time for the students to prepare.

Nearly 621,000 students are eligible to sit for the GCE Ordinary Level Examination 2020. (Colombo Gazette)