Police deny torture claims, slam Kondaya’s lawyers

Ruwan GunasekeraThe police today denied claims of widespread torture in the police service and also questioned the motives behind the campaign by lawyers appearing for Dunesh Priyashantha, alias Kondaya, who was acquitted in the murder of a five year old child recently.

Police spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekera said that while there could be isolated incidents of torture of suspects by some police officers, there is no evidence to prove that widespread torture took place over the past 10 years.

He also asked why some lawyers were appearing for Dunesh Priyashantha when he is still charged with several criminal offences, including the alleged attempt to abduct a teenage girl.

The police spokesman asserted that lawyers should not appear for known criminals like Dunesh Priyashantha despite him being cleared in the case over the murder of the five year old child.

Gunasekera said that Dunesh Priyashantha is still serving a suspended sentence over a previous crime and so he is still a criminal.

Dunesh Priyashantha had filed a petition through his lawyers at the human rights commission alleging that he was tortured by the police when he was in custody over the murder of the five year old child.

Investigations and a DNA test had cleared Dunesh Priyashantha and his brother was later charged over the crime. (Colombo Gazette)