Sajith refuses to agree to interim Government

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa has refused to agree to an interim Government.

He said the main opposition wants a political model that works.

“We want resignations and then we want a political model that works. A new Sri Lanka will begin with stronger institutions and not just a change in leadership. An interim Government is nothing but Internal party politics,” he tweeted.

His comments came after the entire Cabinet resigned last night to help form a caretaker Government. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. God help us if this moron Sajith is elected. He should realise his intellectual capacity and be a PEON !

  2. The team behind fake bond scam that cleared the path to bring back the Rajapaksa criminals by crashing the previous government will get exposed systematically and why you did it too. You all knew it was a lie and did it anyways to mislead the citizenry we will not forget and will hold you lot accountable too.

    You used Maithripala to try and bring Mahinda as Prime Minster to protect the criminals.

    How you spun your lies will all come out.

    How you split the previous government to ensure 2/3 for the Rajapaksas will be exposed…

  3. Let everyone who voted for the SLPP who are now on the streets clean up the mess they created…

  4. Maithripala, Udaya Gammanpila & Wimal are playing their roles as controlled opposition for the Rajapaksas well! They are making sure the SLPP has a say in the caretaker government they are still trying to protect the crooks…

    SLFP, Wimal and Udaya Gammanpila will protect them from outside the SLPP that is why they came out of the government…

  5. Nothing until all SLPP member are thrown out and the 19th amendment is reinstated…

    All criminals should not be allowed to flee nothing short of prosecutions to the fullest extent of the law.

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