Lecturer resigns after Jaffna University bans private legal practice

Dr. Kumaravadivel Guruparan, a senior lecturer attached to the Department of Law at the University of Jaffna, has resigned after the university imposed a ban refusing to allow him to engage in private legal practice.

In the resignation letter made public today, Guruparan said that he was consulted prior to the ban saying it was a violation of fundamental principles of natural justice and fairness.

The decision to impose the ban was taken at the 441st meeting of the Council on 09.11.2019.

“The decision of the Council in my view constitutes an abject surrender of the autonomy that this University holds in trust for the benefit of its academic staff vide their academic freedom, a freedom that is quintessential to the proper functioning of any university,” he said in the letter.

Guruparan filed a Fundamental Rights Petition in the Supreme Court in December challenging the decision of the Council and that of the University Grants Commission which it purportedly relied on (Fundamental Rights Application Case Number SC/FR/498/2019).

“The matter is still pending before the Supreme Court for grant of leave to proceed and interim order.  For close to eight months now I have been waiting with the hope that the Supreme Court will take up my case, but for reasons beyond my control the matter could not be taken up yet. Sadly, I have run out of patience. I wish for certainty in what I do. It is now time for me to take a firm decision and hence this letter of resignation,” he said.

Guruparan said that he can no longer serve as a legal academic with the University without feeling most fundamentally constrained.

He also insisted that he was not leaving the university because legal practice will be more financially rewarding. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sad decision. Brilliant academic. Did not have any choice other than to resign.
    Best wishes for the future.

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