Over 50 people arrested for violating court order granted bail

Over 50 people arrested in Colombo today for violating a court order have been granted bail.

The Police said that 53 people, including members of the Frontline Socialist Party (FSP), who were arrested near Liberty Plaza and Lipton Circle were granted bail by the Fort Magistrates’ Court.

The Police arrested several people who attempted to stage a protest near the US Embassy in Colombo in violation of a court order.

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstration was to be staged by the Frontline Socialist Party against the death of George Floyd in the US.

A court order had been issued yesterday preventing the Frontline Socialist Party from going ahead with the protest as a result of the situation in the country with the coronavirus.

However some 100 protesters gathered in Colombo to go ahead with the protest near the embassy.

The Police dispersed the crowd and arrested several of them.

Security around the US Embassy in Colombo was also tightened. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. People claiming them to be socialists are trying to establish they are still in existence . Pioneer Socialists are all now in Capitalist Camps in Sri Lanka.


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