Colombo University students refuse to accept certificates from monk

A group of students of the Colombo University showed their displeasure at the appointment of the Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero as the Chancellor by walking past him and not accepting the degree certificates at the graduation ceremony.

The Faculty of Management and Finance Teachers’ Association (FMFTA) had said in a statement earlier that it had decided to boycott the graduation ceremony of the University of Colombo.

FMFTA said it will not participate at the ceremony held over the past three days as a mark of protest over the appointment of the Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero as the Chancellor of the Colombo University.

“As an act of expressing our continued displeasure on the aforementioned appointment, the members of the FMFTA have unanimously decided to refrain from participating in the ceremonial Graduation 2019 which will take place from December 17 to 19 with the participation of the newly appointed Chancellor,” FMFTA said in a statement.

Some of those who attended the ceremony, wore black arm-bands and walked past the Chancellor and refused to accept the certificate from him.

The Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero was appointed to the post by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa last month.

He is known to be a strong supporter of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Correction of errors – Certificates from monks were not refused. He refused to graduate from an unqualified chancellor appointed by stupid politicians.

    • In 2015, I was one of the seven final candidates to become a vice-chancellor for Colombo University. In my speech I had mentioned that I would work closely with the National University of Singapore to lift the standard of Colombo University. The educated fools laughed at me and shouted during my speech ‘This is not Singapore, this is Sri Lanka.’

      Today, you have no fertilizer to grow your own food. Even if you bought rice and vegetables for higher prices, you don’t have the privilege to cook because gas cylinders are exploding in your kitchens. Above all, you can’t even graduate proudly in public after all of your hard works to earn your degree qualification. You are paying a high price for laughing at people like me. This is not the end, the worst is yet to come. You will eat each other while the country becomes bankrupt during the pandemic.

  2. Who wants to develop the nation? This is simply to bring down the dons and academics from their silver towers, by appointing an unqualified senile old man to the top. He does not understand anything, but stands bemused of what is happening around him. You could see it in his face. The target was One stone and Two mangoes. The Dons were cut to size and subjugated; The yellow robed monks who have not toe the line, were told what they are missing. But the students gave a very big snub to all plotters. They showed that they have an independent mind, disciplined by their higher studies. They rose to the occasion and kept everyone in THEIR places.

  3. Since the 1970s and 1980s, the politicians’ and universities chancellors’ qualifications and professional experience are declining. This gives away that Sri Lanka cannot to move forward. No wonder why young people are leaving from Sri Lanka.

    Think about those Oxford and Howard University graduates like Lalith Athulathmudali, Gamini Dissanayake etc. If they could not develop the country, what chances the Rajapaksas and Buddhist Monks have?

    • Bulshit. Japan,Korea,France,Germany,Norway,Sweden and other developed country leaders have a degree from Oxford and Haward?
      There are still slaver of england in sri lanka

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