Sri Lanka to send back rejected canned fish

Sri Lanka will today commence the re-exportation of 48 containers consisting of canned fish imported from China that were rejected by the Sri Lanka Standard Institute.

Customs Media Spokesman Sunil Jayaratne said the 48 containers consist of imported canned fish with arsenic laden salmon which is unsuitable for human consumption.

He said the first two containers containing the rejected stock of imported canned fish will be dispatched at 04.00pm today.

The stock was rejected due to the non-compliance with the relevant Sri Lanka Standards SLS 591 2014.

Jayaratne said a decision was taken to reship the rejected imported canned fish back to China following a thorough investigation carried out by the Consumer Protection Unit of Sri Lanka.

In October, Sri Lanka commenced reshipping garbage containers that were illegally sent to Sri Lanka from the UK in 2017.

Out of the 263 containers, Sri Lanka reshipped 21 containers in October and 82 containers in November back to the UK. (Colombo Gazette)