Public advised to exercise caution as numbers rise

Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva today requested the general public to continue to strictly adhere to the health guidelines issued to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Sri Lanka.

The Army Commander made the request after 80 new cases were detected in the country during the last two days.

Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva told reporters that the activities of a majority of the public seem as though Sri Lanka did not experience the coronavirus pandemic.

“Some people have forgotten that currently there are COVID-19 infected patients receiving treatment at various hospitals. Infected patients are also being detected from among foreign returnees,’ he said.

The Army Commander further said that despite neighboring India reporting over 76,000 cases and 953 deaths, Sri Lanka was able to successfully contain the spread of the virus, and completely eradicate community transmission.

Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva requested the public to be mindful and behave in a manner that does not affect the health of another individual or cause a resurgence of the virus within the community. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Corona now handled by ministry of environment where DG health is now secretary. Without him most channels are silent and people are made to think corona is gone with DG health to environment ?

  2. Is this hide & seek people are playing?
    Mosque authorities are being requested to relax restriction for mosques to be open and also allow people to take ablution.

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