Ranjan goes public with his A/L results

Former State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake, who sat for the Advanced Level examination this year, made public his results after it was released by the Examinations Department today.

Ramanayake sat for the exam at the Kotte Ananda Balika Vidyalaya in August.

Speaking to the media before the exam he had said that if he fails the exam he will sit for it again.

Ramanayake said that he performed well in the Ordinary Level examination but not so well in the Advanced Level examination.

As a result he had decided to take some time and study and sit for the Advanced Level examination this year.

The results of his latest attempt showed that he had failed in Christianity but did well in General English with an ‘A’.

He secured an ‘S’ for Political Science and also for Communication and Media Studies and 50 points in the Common General Test. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Many of us have paper qualification, but do not have any practical knowledge. I do not encourage people with out qualification to be in Politics. How many highly qualified people are serving the country or his or her community. There are hundreds or thousands of people with out this type of qualification doing well, supporting others, and achieving a lot for the country. First women prime minister in the world Mrs Bandaranayake is a good example.

  2. He must be thinking that is equivalent to an Oxford degree ! Before he prints his letterheads with this qualification, can someone please enlighten him to save further embarrassment.

    • I uphold your comments is this type of leadership we have while as general public if we apply for a job they need all the degrees on paper for a salesman and and are politicians don’t have a O LEVEL QUALIFICATION where is the LOGIC in this country if he as a actor who gained game for his BAKLA acting could become team leader I don’t know where we are heading for why don’t we have a policy for are palimentarians and head states to have certain qualifications and age limit and not be ROBERT MUGABE OF ZIMBABWE

    • Mr Gomez
      How could you say that Mate, don’t behave like a uncivilised
      Almost 40% or more politicians are less qualified than him that mate
      I like his enthusiasm and need to be appreciated

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