Allegations forces suspension of free meals project

Unsubstantiated allegations made by an opposition Parliamentarian has forced the suspension of a free meals project.

The Janaposha Foundation issuing a statement today announced the suspension of its free meals project with immediate effect.

Parliamentarian Gamini Lokuge was quoted in the media as raising concerns over the free meals project.

The former Minister’s comment was seen as attempting to promote hate against the organisation.

Lokuge has, however, since said that he never made such a comment to the media.

The Janaposha Foundation said that it has been brought to the notice of the foundation that their noble intention of serving the poor and destitute has been misconstrued.

“With a sense of responsibility and given the tenuous circumstances, the Foundation is left with no choice but with a heavy heart and a grave sense of despair, forced to suspend operations immediately at the General Hospital, Kalubowila Teaching Hospital and the Maharagama Cancer Hospital,” the statement said.

The Foundation is also mindful of its responsibility towards the safety and security of its diverse employees who unstintingly worked together dedicating themselves towards this worthy cause. The suspension of the Foundation’s services will ensure itsstaff is not endangered in anyway should acts of communal violence be directed towards them.

Unknown to many, since 2012, the Janaposha initiative has silently been serving the poor and underprivileged communities of our country. As a truly Sri Lankan organisation, the Foundation has served all those who have walked through its doors.

Since its inception, the Janaposha Foundation understood that visitors to the country’s main General Hospitalwere already burdened with a sense of helplessness;a majority travel from far corners of the country seeking healing or visiting sick family members, their sense of despair heightens as many stay hungry to save money or simply because they do not have time to look after themselves or know where to go for a simple meal.

With a firm belief that they should not go hungry, the Foundation initially began operations near the General Hospital Colombo, regardless of cast or creed, untiringly providing free warm wholesome meals to all who visitedits center.

With the realisation that many of the underprivileged visiting the Teaching Hospital Kalubowila and the Cancer Hospital Maharagamaalso facedsimilar dire situations, a daily struggle for food, the Foundation extended its services to these locations in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

To-datethe Janaposha Foundation has annually served overhalf a million people irrespective of caste, race and religion who availed themselves of free food. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Providing free meals to visitors is the only one of its kind ,to my knowledge, in the whole world. Multi national companies make billions of rupees in profit in the so called developed nations.
    I hope that this noble organisation is able to continue its human service.
    Sri Lanka is the first recorded country to have a national free health service in the universe not just for animals but humans too. First hospital was set up in 387 Before Christian Era in Anuradhapura


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