Labour Party leader backs self-determination for Tamils

Jeremy CorbynThe Labour Party has reaffirmed its strongest possible support for the Tamil people, both in the UK and in Sri Lanka, at a packed Tamils for Labour event in the Houses of Parliament.

Almost 200 members of the Tamil community attended a meeting hosted by the Vice Chair of the Tamil All Party Parliamentary Group (APPGt), Joan Ryan MP, which was addressed by leading figures within the Labour Party, including the Leader Jeremy Corbyn MP, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP, Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn MP and the Senior Vice Chair of the APPGt Siobhain McDonagh.

In a wide ranging speech discussing human rights abuses, war crimes accountability, and the need for a political solution for the Tamil community, Jeremy Corbyn said that the “Labour Party is committed to the needs of and justice for the Tamil people”, including their demands for “self-determination”.

Corbyn also said that the UK Government should take human rights considerations into account when trading with other countries, including Sri Lanka.

The Shadow Foreign Secretary raised particular concern regarding the reports of torture and disappearances committed against the Tamil people and also said that the “Tamil voice needs to be heard and to be recognised in a new political settlement.”

All Labour MPs who spoke paid special tribute to the work of the Tamil community in the UK and the tremendous contribution they have made to the country’s way of life.

Sen Kandiah, Chair of Tamils for Labour, said: “I was delighted by the turnout on Monday. The event highlighted the tremendous support there is within the Labour Party for the Tamil cause and for our legitimate demands for truth, justice, accountability and self-determination in Sri Lanka.

The Labour Party has always stood up for the Tamil people and we need them now, as much as ever, given the serious concerns we have regarding the regarding the on-going cases of human rights abuses on the island and the lack of respect for the Tamil people’s fundamental rights and freedoms.

We are now only weeks away from London Mayoral, Local and Scottish and Welsh Assembly elections, on May 5th, so I urge all members of the Tamil community to vote Labour so that our voice can continue to be heard.” (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Utter hypocrisy from Labour Leader. Why dont you support the self determination of Scots and Irish too.

    • I agree with you 100% Chatura . i do think that governments are by practice meant to oppress people.
      Therefore it is natural for people in a particular georaphical region to prefer to be oppressed by their own majority rather than an outsider.
      Probably the solution is to ensure fair play who ever governs us rather than giving in to the delusion that self determination will somehow result in fair play for us. When i say “us” I mean the general public!

  2. New Labour Party leader has to realized that current Labour Party pays lip-service to “self-determination of Tamils” only in Sri lanka, why not that Tamils in Tamil Nadu in India?
    But Labour Leader actually, it stand for moribund British Empire of most ruthless Capitalist class in world who dominated and plunder wealth of colonial people and it is immediately Labour Party elites backed by Financial Monopoly bourgeoisie and Royal monarchy of House of Hanover in UK!

    Under the British Empire your labour part,y and they have lost right to speak of right of self-determination, even recently that by UK Invaded Iraq, allied with US.
    Labour leader must having sense of politics and see that exploited billions of people in their colonial countries in their history. How can such party defend of right of self determination is hipcoracy bourgeoisie politics of Labour Party .

  3. This is the bottom of the human kind flocking together. I am certain this is LTTE left over money talking. There is no separate state. Live as a united state or piss off to UK and be a second class toilet cleaner.

  4. Of Course. You were and are very good at dividing people of every country you brutally subjugated and colonized throughout history. Now that your influence is fading why not try the same tricks before you go bankrupt you dirty scoundrels?

  5. What a sorry state for Labour..Absolute Garbage they are talking.when Srilanka is positively working towards Reconcillation this is what the Labour Leaders are telling it is disgusting .I have always voted Labour but not again.You can win the Elections with the Tamil vote.

  6. All what these labor party leaders need is votes,nothing else.If there were more Sinhalese than Tamils,these idiots would have said “all those who were killed during the war were terrorists”.Everything is for votes,not in the interest of the Tamils or Sinhalese.Period.

  7. Cornered by surging Muslim radicalization the British parties need Tamil and other minority votes to come to power. Let’s get together and support the introduction of shariah law in the depleted empire. What are Brits doing in Falkland Islands?

  8. Why not labour party talk about self determination for Scotland rather than speaking a far away country like Sri Lanka. Arrange your party first before talking about other countries give back Gibraltar, Falklands and those tiny nations like in PNG etc etc. What happened to the people in Diego Gasia what about thire human rights.

  9. This scallywag is a no hoper – even his own party members a sizable numer are dead against him. What right has this non entity to dictate to and interfere in another country’s affairs? It was the British who caused this Tamil/Sinhala division in the first place during colonial times. At least now get off our backs you imperialistic bloodless noodles, nay worms !!!!!!!

  10. Labour is telling this only, because they need someone who will elect them in Britannia. They do not really care about the Tamil expatriates, but that diaspora can collect votes for them! If they back self-determination then they mean Tamil Nadu as the place for Tamils with self-determination. In SriLanka this is over! Never will the GOSL accept nor tolerate any uprising
    like it happened with the LTTE. They will do whatever is necessary to uproot any such event in the beginning and not when it is already to late. If Tamils do not like the GOSL. well then go back to your brethren in India and you will fast understand: You are not welcomed even in Tamilia Paradise!

  11. Election gimmicks…..Talk about Srilanka.. not about tamils or sinhalese or muslims. let us live in harmony. Extremists are all over the world. Mr. Corbyn . consider about moderate human beings not the extremists. Thanks!!!

  12. I am a Tamil too. Get the names and pictures of those 200 people and don’t allow them to enter Srilanka. Also freeze their assets in Srilanka under PTA.

    I gurantee those 200 will be having enough assets in Srilanka and London too. How are they getting money?? The people entering Europe for Asylum are giving them money to create problem in Srilanka.

    Take tough action.

  13. cheap dirty UK’MPS support for any criminal to secure his political carrier that was shameful and against the human dignity . let people to decide that what and how they find solution and stop acting like colonial way this is not UK this another country.

  14. Very good thing!!! but that has to be in U.K or Tamil Nadu. Sri lanka is a tiny island, break in to pieces. I urge to my fellow Tamils please..please demand for your rights in U.K. cause you deserve a province in U.K for your self determination.

  15. The British Labour Party is full of idiots including Tamilians who are there to beg asylum support.
    They are a lost breed since Corbyn took office, never again will they be the governing party. Tories are no better but they will win because there is no opposition,
    Soon Tamils will ask for separate states of Mitcham, East Ham/Barking, good luck.

    • Sinhalese always do not compare “apples with apples” but compare “apples with Oranges” foolishly when it comes to Tamil issues. Tamils in SL are indigenous Tamils. They lived for about 2500 years or more and have self determination as their right.. Do not compare them with the Tamil migrants who live in Mitcham and East Ham, and expose your lack of knowledge.

    • I am angry. What are these Labour Party mavericks doing to support the ‘Tamil cause’? What Tamil cause? and to what end? To salve their British colonial consciences ? The Tamils of Jaffna have been great opportunists since the 19th century, and nobody could blame them. As the natural resources on their small, rather arid peninsula were no longer able to support a population that increased with the stability brought by British rule, they flocked in large numbers to the Sinhalese south, and prospered, thanks to their capacity for hard work and the English language schools set up by Christian missionaries. The opportunities the Jaffna Tamils were able to exploit, some of them also found elsewhere in the British Empire, like Singapore and the Malay states. Unfortunately, the leadership of the CeylonTamils in championing minority rights, following the misguided Sinhala Only agenda put forward by that supreme Oxford-educated opportunist, the ‘less than Solomon-like’ Bandaranaike, was usurped by a fascist thug whose political hero was Stalin and Mein Kampf his favourite book. Tamil migration was boosted to unprecedented heights when those fleeing the intolerable conditions created by their führer were given refugee status in western countries to which they fled. In my view, the choice facing those in the diaspora who wish to spend their time more usefully, is either to remain where they are and contribute productively to the countries which had so generously given them asylum in their time of need, or return to Sri Lanka and invest their capital and their skills in developing their home villages. As for ‘Eelam’, it was as much an illusion as the Thousand Year Reich created in the crazed mind of a psychologically damaged small-town Austrian.

  16. Labour Party should also recommend self-determination for Asians who live in Leicester and Birmingham!!!!!!!!

  17. These britishers have nothing to do in UK except to interfer in others business instead of doing good for the no-future britishers.

  18. Tamils in Sri Lanka, who were the priviledges lot under the Colonial masters, are today living as equals with other Sri Lankan citizens. However, there is not much of a surprise to hear this cruel attempt to disenfranchise the Sinhala natives from a substantial regions within Sri Lanka, as it was the colonial powers that brutally massacred Sinhalese natives, destroyed their villages and farms and replaced the evicted or massacred Sinhalese with South Indian Tamil labourers to work on plantations, established on stolen Sinhalese lands, especially in the North, East and the Hill country. Today some in the international Tamil community have amassed wealth overseas through illegal means and are able to use these funds to make people dance to their tune. To me, this shameless support for Tamil separatists, is as absurd as promoting Muslim or Tamil or any other group of migrants to UK, to demand a separate state in the UK. British have destroyed Sri Lanka enough during the Colonial days, without having to continue with their aggression. Sri Lankan Government should ban the entry of all separatists, whether they be Tamils or British puppets of the Tamil separatists.

  19. There is no Sri Lankan High Commissioner appointed to the London high commission to counter act this misinformation campaign as the Government cannot find an old boy from Royal College or an old girl from St.Brigets Convent to fill the post .Good for the government as they are led by people like Mangala Samaraweera who cannot see beyond his nose. Removing restrictions of Tamil groups was a mistake and you can see what they are up to. If the so called big shots in the government has not understood the Tamil mind, I feel sorry for Sri Lanka.

  20. Why don’t the British lead by example. Consider offering them part of Briton and everybody can live happily ever after. Definitely the people in Sri Lanka would including the peace loving Tamils who didn’t inherit the heritage the Brits left when they left Sri Lanka.

  21. Labour party is bankrupt and discarded by many Britishers. They are trying to woo the tamil voters which is a sizeable number in UK. Labour party whose leader led the invasion of Iraq along with Bush bombing its infrastructure and killing millions of innocent Iraquis has no right to talk about Human Right violations. Former leader Milliband tried to save Prabakaran the leader of the LTTE the most ruthless terrorist outfit and was rejected by British people. LTTE is the one who introduced suicide bombers and the whole Europe is today threatened by ISIS suicide bombers. Does Corbyn want terrorism to flourish.
    Sri Lanka has defeated terrorism. All the people in Sri Lanka Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and others want to live in harmony. Most of the suspicions the communities had are slowly going away, Reconcilliation is the order of the day. Sri Lankans of all communities are looking forward for a better future with economic development and prosperity of its people. Labour party would do well to take a leaf from their Prime Ministers New year wishes to Sri Lanka he wished prosperity not only for tamils but all Sri Lankans in UK and Sri Lanka,

  22. and we back self determination for Irish and all other British colonies like Forkland, not for long this white master will be a minority in the world .

  23. British have to back their Indian parasites that they took to their tropical colonies from Fiji to Guyana.

  24. The masters of Tamils will be using Tamils for their own interest in the Indian Ocean as Jews have been used in the Middle East. Tamils are still faithful to foreign powers. If you give freedom to Tamils, you are giving freedom to foreign powers. The foreign powers will impose their game, it will have adverse affects for Tamils and Sinhalese. Therefore, you must control and watch Tamils until new generation become faithful to their motherland. You are doing good things to Tamils, Sinhalese, Indian Ocean and also to whole Asia when you watch the dangerous creatures of Asia carefully.

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