About us

The coronavirus saw traditional media in Sri Lanka taking a hit as most people switched to online media as their main source of information.

Colombo Gazette (www.colombogazette.com) and its social media networks have been at the forefront in disseminating news and information during the crisis when the virus was at its peak in Sri Lanka.

With over 55,000 followers on Facebook, over 19,000 followers on twitter and a growing number of followers on Instagram and YouTube, Colombo Gazette is the number one source to reach YOUR audience in Sri Lanka and beyond.

Below we offer exiting packages with unmatched rates.

The packages include advertisements, text based news and interviews as well as videos which will be published on Colombo Gazette and promoted via our social media networks.

About Us

Online media is today the fastest and most sought after medium for news and information.

Colombo Gazette (www.colombogazette.com) is a leading news and entertainment website, covering stories related to Sri Lanka. The content consists of text based news, photos and videos and is linked to social media websites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to provide a wider coverage for its stories.

Launched in 2012, the website was quick to catch and retain the attention of a broad audience, locally and internationally for its unbiased, informative news, opinion and entertainment stories. Content from the website is often reproduced by leading international news agencies, including the BBC and cited by various publications locally, too.

Colombo Gazette content, including advertorial articles, are also reproduced by MENAFN, a leading provider of online and wireless financial content and financial technology platforms, to leading institutions and consumers around the Arab world.

Colombo Gazette is well-received by the diplomatic community in Sri Lanka and recommended for its content.

Based on Alexa Ratings, the website is shown to have access heavily in Sri Lanka, the UK, Australia, The United States, India and to a lesser degree in other countries. 


As an advertiser, you have the potential of reaching a wide audience both locally and internationally to promote awareness of your brand. This audience includes:

  • Professionals
  • Business Community
  • Politicians
  • Academics
  • Diplomats
  • NGO’s
  • Media Personnel
  • Youth
  • Home-Makers



All ads will appear on computers and mobile devices for a duration of two weeks.

The following are the rates for advertising.

Ad Type Size Appears on Rate / two weeks
Right side-bar Banner Ads

(Ad placed at the top is on first come first serve basis)

300 x 300 pixels On all posts Rs. 50,000/-
Top Banner 729 x 90 pixels Homepage and inside posts Rs. 100,000/-
YouTube Ad


Before commencement of every new video on Colombo Gazette YouTube channel (Max four videos) Rs. 200,000/-
Article Not more than 1500 words Advertorial category or appropriate category Rs. 5000/-
Interview (Text and video) 1000 words

20 min video duration

Link on homepage and full interview inside. Video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Rs. 200,000/-
Interview (audio) 20 min audio duration Link on homepage and full audio on Podcast page Rs. 30,000/-



*Customized locations (including pop-up ads) can be discussed with the administrator

*Final ad to be provided by the client.

* Payment to be made no more than 14-days after final date of advertisement being published on website, as per agreement


For further details, please contact:

Easwaran Rutnam

Tel: 0773020550

Email: colombogazette@gmail.com


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