Waterspout creates panic in Jaffna

A large waterspout created panic in parts of Jaffna today with some locals unaware what it was.

The waterspout was reportedly seen off the seas of Point Pedro in Jaffna today.

A number of people gathered along the beach to witness the rare sight.

Some people panicked fearing it was a tornado.

Waterspouts have been seen in parts of Sri Lanka, including in Colombo, in the past as well.

Meanwhile, the Disaster Management Center (DMC) said that a warning for strong winds had been issued for the North.

The DMC said that it was not aware of a waterspout being spotted in the area.

However, a DMC spokesman said that they were monitoring the situation in the North. (Colombo Gazette)



  1. Eye witnesses telling that it was moving funnel cloud and touched down due to the vacuum on the sea surface hence it was a tornado. DMC can’t predict any funnel cloud.

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