Legal action to be taken against new High Security Zones

The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) is to take legal action after President Ranil Wickremesinghe declared several areas in Colombo as High Security Zones.

The BASL said that it will be carefully studying the provisions of the order issued by the President and will take appropriate legal action to ensure that the Fundamental Rights of the people are secured.

“The BASL is deeply concerned that under the cover of the purported order under Section 2 of the Official Secrets Act that there is the imposition of draconian provisions for the detention of persons who violate such orders thus violating the freedom of expression, the freedom of peaceful assembly and the freedom of movement all of which are important aspects of the right of the people to dissent in Sri Lanka,” BASL said.

The BASL said that it will continue to remind the authorities including the President of the wisdom found in the judgment of the Supreme Court in the ‘Jana Ghosha’ case of Amaratunge v Sirimal and others (1993) 1 SLR 264 which states as follows: “Stifling the peaceful expression of legitimate dissent today can only result, inexorably, in the catastrophic explosion of violence some other day.”

Several areas in and around Colombo have been declared as High Security Zones by President Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Accordingly, areas around the Parliament Complex, Supreme Court Complex, High Court Complex in Colombo, Magistrate Court Complex in Colombo and Attorney General’s Department, Presidential Secretariat, President’s House, Sri Lanka Navy Headquarters and Police Headquarters have been declared as High Security Zones.

Areas around the Ministry of Defence and Sri Lanka Army Headquarters in Akuregoda, the Sri Lanka Air Force Headquarters in Slave Island, Prime Minister’s Office at Flower Road, Temple Trees in Kollupitiya and the Official Residencies of the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence and the Commanders of the Tri Forces, have also been declared as High Security Zones.

Protests and public gatherings in the areas declared as High Security Zones are banned.

No vehicle can be parked within the High Security Zones unless reserved for parking by the competent authority or under the power of a permit issued by an authority.

Read the full gazette notice here

(Colombo Gazette)


  1. This Muslim DOG wouldn’t give a tinkers cuss about the suffering of the people or the contributors ( SLPP) to that end. This myopic Muslim DOG does not attribute any blame for the country’s current predicament to the scum in the SLPP who precipitated the catastrophe.

  2. “The peaceful expression of legitimate dissent today may be used to change into a catastrophic explosion of violence some other day, by Power hungry, unscrupulous elements (wolves in sheep’s cloths) in the society, who want to capture power for their own benefit and/or for some other foreign power.” So, stifling it at the initial level is an act of wisdom, Government believes. May be, the state intelligence have reason or proof to this effect. Some opposition members, and rejected members of ruling party have been shamelessly laying obstacles at every step, is observed by the silent society. A Wise BASL too should take note of the reality. I am just a village man to express my sentiments.

  3. Please allow the POLICE and the tri forces to do their job. The POLICE is doing a wonderful job in probing and bringing to book the hooligans, be they be priests, monks, moulavi’s or Iyers within the “RULE-OF-LAW and the powers vested on them. Gotabaya Rajapaksa failed to vest these powers in the POLICE and he was lenient with this “SO-CALLED” Aragalakaarayos. He paid a premium price for it as they threatened his life and he had to “FLEE” as some media and especially a digital news channel of a TV station broadcasted. The “DEMON” that was a pain in the neck for the POLICE was BASL. The “Rule-of-Law should also be applied to BASL, because there may be connections between them and the hooligans running up to the chaotic situation the humble citizens which prevented the POLICE initially from doing their “DUTY” to protest the people from the attacks and arson by these “unscrupulous” elements of society under the disguise of the so-called “peaceful protests”.
    Noor Nizam – Peace and Political Activist, Political Communications Researcher, SLFP/SLPP Stalwart, Convener “The Muslim Voice”, Patriotic Citizen.

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