Delisted Tamil groups face ban if financing terrorism resumes

Delisted Tamil groups face being banned again if financing of terrorism resumes, the Ministry of Defence said today.

According to the blacklisting and delisting of persons, 577 individuals and 18 organizations were blacklisted in the year 2021 for financing terrorism under the United Nations Regulation No. 01 of 2012.

After a series of discussions and careful study conducted at the Ministry of Defence by a committee consisting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Attorney General’s Department, key Intelligence Agencies, Law Enforcing Agencies and Financial Intelligence Unit of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, and based on reports and evidences with regard to the financing terrorism by individuals and organizations, recommendations were submitted for listing and delisting.

Accordingly, among the aforesaid 577 individuals and 18 organizations, a decision was made to delist 316 individuals and 06 organizations since they are no longer continue to fund terrorist activities.

Furthermore, it has been decided to blacklist 55 individuals and 03 organizations those recently recognized as active in financing terrorism during the period.

Thus, forwarding the recommendation of the Ministry of Defence to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 29, 2022 for their consent, 316 individuals and 15 organizations were blacklisted on August 1, 2022 by Extraordinary Gazette No. 2291/02.

Such inclusions and exclusions for blacklisted individuals and organizations are routinely carried out by relevant authorities after observation and careful study over a continuous period of time, the Ministry of Defence said.

The Ministry of Defence said that the relevant authorities remain vigilant on the activities of the delisted individuals and organizations. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Tamil diaspora organisations are merely puppets of the western powers.

    Indians laid a foundation to destroy Sri Lanka. India created terrorism by creating Tamil armed groups. Later on, the western powers hijacked the LTTE through Tamil diaspora and encouraged Tamil diaspora to fund the LTTE indirectly. Furthermore, the west pushed the LTTE against peaceful agreements through Tamil diaspora to achieve its ulterior motives in the Indian Ocean. But the Sri Lankan government is not banning India or the western powers. If China didn’t come in the right time to help you, by now the western powers would have created a foothold in Sri Lanka to give Indians in their mouth.

    Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar made a commitment ‘Europe’s problem is not world’s problem.’ After that commit, the Americans started to talk about the BJP’s Hindu nationalism. Riots started all over in India. Nowadays, Indian Foreign Minister hardly talks about Europe or America. Indians are at the mercy of the western powers. Indians follow the western political system and westen based social media. Above all, the western powers ruled South Asians for centuries and the West knows how to shut South Asians’ mouth. You are utter fools, if you become a developed country, it will be an insult to knowledge and wisdom.

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