GR to stay in Thailand and look for asylum in another country

Deposed Sri Lankan president Gotabaya Rajapaksa will temporarily stay in Thailand to look for permanent asylum in another country, Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said.

“This is a humanitarian issue. We have made a promise that it’s a temporary stay. No [political] activities are allowed, and this will help him find a country to take refuge in,” Gen Prayut said, according to Thailand Media.

Reuters earlier said that Gotabya Rajapaksa would arrive in Thailand on Thursday (11) from Singapore.

Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai said the ousted president can stay in Thailand for 90 days as he is still a diplomatic passport holder.

Don said the Sri Lankan government did not oppose the visit and the Thai government would not make accommodation arrangements for him. The visit would not pose conflicts with Colombo as acting President Ranil Wickremesinghe had worked for him when he was in power, he added.

The minister said a condition for his stay was that he not cause problems for Thailand. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. By the way who is paying for the $ Bills???
    Even Media or even the 225 + 1 does not have as answer to it.

  2. China should play according to the South Asians’ mindset.

    The western powers constantly divided South Asia to keep their dominant power. The foundation has been done by the western powers, China should capitalise on it. India understands its neighbourhood very well. That is why New Delhi created Tamil armed groups to achieve its ulterior motives.

    Fools act quickly when it comes to hatred. I found this reality with my own experience with Sri Lankans. I was born in Sri Lanka and I spent most of my time in libraries but I cannot influence them, because I advise how to move forward. They would act quickly if I tell Sinhalese how to be tough on Tamils and Muslims. Likewise, Tamils would be excited, if I tell them how to get tough on Sinhalese.

    So, it is impossible for China to make Sri Lankans think differently by throwing money at them. When it comes to the Belt and Road initiative, China should not only focus on developments. It should also use a divide and conquer strategy. China should use everything at its disposal to use Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s influence on the defence forces to send Ranil Wickremesinghe to go home.

    When it comes to dealing with the western powers, China should continuously undermine the western powers’ moral high ground. The current situation would be different in Ukraine and Taiwan, if the Russians and Chinese have given scholarships to Native Americans, Canadian and Australian Aboriginal people and let them tell their 3rd world lifestyle to the people of Ukraine, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Likewise, the Russians and Chinese should have given scholarships to Iraqis and Libyans and let them tell their own story of how the western powers destroyed their countries in the name of democracy and human rights.

    The western powers give refugee status to the people who come from developing countries and let them tell their own stories to the world. It is easier to undermine the West’s opponents. The Russians and Chinese must do the same to undermine the western powers.

  3. Those holding the highest positions in The Sri Lankan judiciary have to explain to the citizenry why they have failed to prosecute the Rajapaksas all these years? If not the next major protests should be against them not the politicians….

    Judiciary is still doing little to nothing to help the protesters hold the Rajapaksas accountable or recover the stolen monies why?
    #GoHomeJudiciary #HoldTheJudiciaryAccountable

    • There is a saying, “If you see a wrong, stop it with your hands, if you cannot, stop it with your words, and if you cannot do even that hate it in your mind. This is the lowest level of your faith in God.” This saying refers to the authority AND ability to prevent a wrong. This is the situation in Sri Lanka. Have any of you met a SL judge, who deserted post, to work in a 3 star hotel in the Middle East? He had the authority but was unable function properly, due to undue pressure. He did not take bribe, did not bow down, refused to enjoy fringe benefits offered, because he was married. All due to his religious beliefs; He hated the job, for which he toiled so hard. Only solution was to desert post, to work in the office of a hotel. Very pathetic. It is not for money, but for survival and Peace. How many other honest judges are facing this situation, I wonder.
      I am not referring to some judges who demand and enjoy such attention. They ended up in ignominy and we saw them. But there are others who suffer in silence. May be they don’t want to be heroes, to end up in a garlanded, cabinet size photograph hanging on the wall. May be they don’t want to be hunted/humiliated by those in power. Let us not forget the Govt. Auditor who had acid thrown on his face, for exposing bogus Traveling claims.
      Do we know of the lady Judge who uses her personal lap-top to type her verdicts, because the steno sent to her, does not have the capacity to handle the work? There are numerous silent judges and others who have no time to complain.
      Don’t we have any consideration for them? Pease let us not generalize all of them.
      But politicians are different. WE voted for them to serve US and the NATION. But we also voted for unsuitable scums, who raise the sarong to exhibit their bottom to cameras as if it is Sri Pada. i.e. WE VOTED FOR THEM TO BE OUR MASTERS! Is this not what we have done?
      Let let us ponder for a while, “Who opened the doors for the deterioration of this nation?”
      I can ask this question from this educated forum, not from the street vendors. Can I?

  4. “ Ranjan to decide whether to apologize for contempt of court” Dailymirror

    No he should not apologize for calling out a corrupt legal system that is protecting the Rajapaksas from prosecution and accountability…

    The judiciary should be investigated and held accountable for the their part in the current crisis faced by the country. If they had prosecuted the Rajapaksas we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    • Spot on ! The judiciary is as corrupt as parliament. Most of the judges appointed to the Bench were only appointed because of their pliability.

      Most of them are on the “TAKE”.

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