Police hunt for protesters who attacked troops

The Police have sought public assistance to identify some of the suspects who allegedly assaulted 26 army personnel during the protest near the Polduwa Junction last month.

The public have been urged to provide any information with regards to the suspects to 071 859 2209 / 071 306 4165 / 011 282 9388 / 1997

Protesters clashed with the Army following a tense situation at the Polduwa junction on 14th July.

Hundreds clashed with the Army in an attempt to enter the Speaker’s official residence and Parliament.

The Police initially fired several rounds of tear gas as the protesters attempted to get close to the Speaker’s official residence.

The protesters pulled down one line of defence and attempted to go past the next using a backhoe loader.

The Army, however, gave chase to the protesters and fired in the air at times.

The protesters alleged that several people were assaulted by the troops, including women and children.

Some protesters were seen taking metal objects from Diyatha Uyana and sticks to retaliate.

The protesters were also seen man-handling a soldier during the clash.

A curfew and emergency law had been in place at the time. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. We salute the law enforcement officers and their team for struggling to maintain law and order in the society. I have no affiliation to Ranil, Dinesh or any member of Cabinet, but the rule of law should be respected- it may be Vasudeva or Hizbullah or Senthil. There will be civil war, somebody said. No, there will anarchy, you cannot stay at home, or walk on the street carrying a food parcel. Anyone can be a target to anyone. The whole society will stop on its track. Read Tale of Two Cities, depicting French Revolution and you can just see the glimpse of it. It is clear that elements that are defying court order are doing a paid job for their foreign pay masters. Check their source of income, and see their lifestyle. Read News of Lebanon. Read News of Iraq – the Oil rich nation and it has no President no Prime Minister no parliament one month after election. Can we afford it in Sri Lanka? Let us wait for action by the new Unity Government. AND THEN WE RISE IF IT FAILS.


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