Dhaniz Ali guilty of using mobile phone in prison

Gota Go Gama protester Dhaniz Ali has pleaded guilty of using a mobile phone in prison.

The Prisons Department said that Dhaniz Ali has been sentenced to another 14 days imprisonment and transferred to the Welikada Prison from the new Magazine Prison.

Dhaniz Ali was arrested inside a plane at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) on 26th July.

Ali was arrested for forcibly entering the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation on 13th July.

Airport officials asked the activist to leave the aircraft but he refused to do so.

He refused to disembark and protested inside the plane and got the support of some passengers.

The Police later boarded the plane and removed him with the support of airport officers. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Can some snooping journalist peep into the short period this revolutionary was sleeping under a tent at GotaGoGama? May be some juicy story is available. He is in the company of such an influential circle, that he has everything at his finger tips to make his life comfortable. What is his job and how much does he earn per month anyway?? Who are his god-fathers? All he does is create a scene like screaming that someone is throttling his neck, while the video shows nobody holding him! By the way, it will be interesting to look into the source of income of every one of these jobless fire brands who has magnanimously come to rescue us, from the clutches of Ranil. You see, nothing is free in Sri Lanka.


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