Sri Lanka looks to enhance ties with Russia

The new Sri Lankan Government is looking to enhance ties with Russia.

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Sri Lanka Yury Materiy called on the newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs Ali Sabry at the Foreign Ministry. 

Congratulating Minister Sabry on his appointment, Ambassador Materiy handed over a message of felicitation from the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov addressed to the new Foreign Minister.

The Russian Ambassador apprised the Foreign Minister of significant aspects of the traditionally strong partnership between Sri Lanka and Russia. 

The Foreign Minister expressed his deep appreciation for Russia’s support towards Sri Lanka in bilateral and multilateral fora.  He also expressed confidence in the further consolidation of cooperation, with particular attention to enhancing business ties, tourism and connectivity.

The Deputy Head of Mission of the Russian Embassy in Colombo and senior officials of the Foreign Ministry were present at the meeting. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. If only we could get Elvira Nabiullina as the governor of the CBSL, all our economic problems would be solved.

    If we are going to embrace a pariah state, at least, get some benefit from it.

  2. Enhancing the relationship with Russia is a good thing. But my question is what Ali Sabry knows about the world and geopolitics? Recently, he has wowed not to become a minister ever again, now he has become a foreign minister. Only in Sri Lanka anyone can become a Minister of law, Finance or foreign affairs. No wonder why Sri Lanka has been torn apart. Top Sri Lankan talents are all around the world, but the country leaders have been bribed by corrupt foreign power. Now the leaders have to find ministers who can entertain the foreign power. None of them are there to fulfill the people’s mandate but theirs own and foreign masters’ agendas. I really hope that the people will chase them out on 9th of August. Do not continue to suffer and let the future generations to suffer as you do. Do not make the same mistake as your parents, grandparents and forefathers. Put your whole mind, heart and soul. Let’s not settle with something, but go after a revolution that will lift the country.

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