Army deployed to Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation

The Army has been deployed to the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC).

Sources said that the Army had been placed at SLRC since Saturday 9th July.

Troops had been deployed as a precautionary measure to prevent protesters from storming the premises and taking over.

Protesters had on Saturday stormed the President’s House. Temple Trees and the Presidential Secretariat. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Political immaturity of SJB has made the situation much worse hope these fools don’t take our country into another major bloodbath that we have seen in our dark history…

  2. “Yes, she once tried to deposit 2 Million LKRs in counterfeit money & Sajja saved her ass” Twitter

    The tweet is about Dulanjali Premadasa the sister of Sajith Premadasa.

    Still want Sajith in politics and betray the protesters who want Criminals, Gangsters, Drug dealers, Money launderers and murderers out of politics?

    Shame on the media who continue to prop up people like this while playing the saint that is chasing the Rajapaksas out… tells you all you need to know about those media outlets too.

    • Stop your baseless propaganda, we all know you are backing Rail Wickremesinghe.

      I really don’t know what books Ranil Wickremesinghe has been reading to achieve nothing after becoming Prime Minister 6 times. I will not recommend those books to Royal College and the Peradeniya University students. Sajith put conditions before accepting Prime Minister position but Ranil Wickremesinghe quickly put his hand up to become Prime Minister 6th time. This was not a wise move. He has been a Prime Minister 5 times but achieved nothing. He should have discussed with Sajith to clarify those conditions. True leaders create leaders, but Ranil didn’t give a chance to Sajith. Furthermore, Ranil had an opportunity to put the corrupt politicians in jail during the good governance government, but he had utterly failed because he also wanted become wealthy as the Rajapaksas by looting the central bank. If Ranil done reasonably well during the good governance government, Easter Sunday bombings would not have taken place and the country would not have gone bankrupt.

      Ranil Wickremesinghe can not save the country. Here is my experience with good governance government. Ranil was busy to undermine people like me, instead of dealing with the corrupt politicians.

      I was in Sri Lanka between 2015 and 2017. This is what they did to an intellectual who spent most of his time in libraries. In 2015, they laughed at me during my speech for the position of Vice-Chancellor at the University of Colombo. I gave a speech on how I intend to raise the standard of Colombo University by collaborating with the National University of Singapore (NUS). They shouted at me ‘this is Sri Lanka, not Singapore.’ In 2017, a foreign puppet who didn’t even pass GCE O/L sprayed pepper spray into my eyes and robbed my laptop, Australian passport, and smartphone. I have a witness. I identified the culprit and lodged six complaints with the Sri Lankan police, but the police did nothing. Not a single Sri Lankan media outlet reported the incident.

      Ranil, Gota, Sumanthiran have blocked me from their Facebook. This year Gotatabaya Rajapaksa blocked me from his Facebook after I mentioned that banning chemical fertilizer is not a wise move without having enough organic fertilizer and adequate training for farmers. I also wrote them to run both farming parallel, the first year 10% organic and 90% chemical, the second year 20% organic and 80% chemicals and so forth. I told them to have a ten years plan to establish organic farming, but they didn’t like it. The Sri Lankan politicians and media personnel dislike intellectuals due to their lack of knowledge. This is why it has waged Asia’s longest brutal civil war for decades and currently became Asia’s first bankrupt country.

  3. Dulanjali Premadasa was seen near Ranils house before it was set on fire? All over social media with pictures and videos including conversations. What was going on?

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