Jaishankar says India helping Sri Lanka cope with crisis

India’s External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar says India is helping Sri Lanka cope with the economic crisis.

Jaishankar said that India is paying a lot of attention to South Asia and the neighbouring countries are looking up to it to take lead in the integration of the region.

Addressing an event in Delhi, the Minister was quoted as saying that India is now perceived as a lifting tide which can lift the entire neighbourhood.

The Minister was speaking at a discussion on the book Modi@20: Dreams Meet Delivery’ at the Delhi University, the Press Trust of India reported.

He also asserted that India has taken the “right course” on the Ukraine conflict, noting that it is a very complex matter where the most urgent issue is to prevent hostilities from escalating.

Likening India’s strategy in the Ukraine war to that of Lord Krishna in Mahabharata, the Minister said that Krishna does everything in his power to prevent the war and that is New Delhi’s position also. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. India created all these disasters by implementing useless political system, using religion and language to get votes to be in power. India created Tamil armed groups, then helplessly allowed the western powers to hijacke the Tamil armed groups through Tamil diaspora. Eventually, it became Asia’s longest brutal civil which lasted more than 3 decades. The country was destroyed by useless system and civil war. Thanks to Indians bastards. All the suffering of entire South Asians will comeback and haunt Indians beyond their imagination.

    How could the Indian leaders just simply trusted the western powers and implemented the western system after South Asia was ripped off for centuries? Indias have betrayed billions of South Asians. How could the Indian leaders simply trust the mass murderers who killed between 100 and 200 million Native people to take over North America and Australasia to have massive resources? The answer is lack of knowledge. Sadly, even as I write, the South Asian leaders have not learned about the western powers. Look at the status of Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. This shows Indians’ leadership. Eventually, it will comeback and haunt Indians.


  2. Think it’s time that all aid from India comes through the private sector to avoid any chance of corruption with fully transparent system with global monitoring probably through the help of the UN as well.

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