Video shows Army officer kicking man at fuel station

A video showing an Army officer kicking a man at a fuel station has gone viral on social media.

The video was captured by another individual at the fuel station.

In the video the man is seen being detained by troops before a senior Army officer approaches and gives him a kickboxing style assault.

A Police officer is then seen trying to control the situation.

The Army officer is further seen in the video calling another man from the crowd and exchanging words with him.

He is also seen warning another individual in the crowd at the fuel station.

A number of incidents have been reported around the country where the military and Police have assaulted individuals at fuel stations.

Some incidents have been captured on mobile phones and shared on social media. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. When Dr. N.M.Perera was leading the LSSP, they had a slogan for the May Day Procession. It goes as “දෙනවා කිව්වෙ ඇපල් මල්ල; දුන්නෙ අපට පොලිස් පොල්ල.” “රාළහාමි මේ අහන්න; කුල්ල පොල්ල අපට දෙන්න; අපිත් එක්ක එන්න යන්න.” The Police tolerated all the taunting slogans with good humor, and walked with the procession. But now the situation has become very serious to the extent of kicking a fellow human being. Has the Jungle Law crept into society now? What will be the new slogan for the current situation? May be “ටෝකන් දුන්නේ මොකට ද? පයින් පහර කන්නද?’ will be more appropriate. Coming colors No Good. The whole incident brings the country and the current leaders including Ranil to disrepute. Beware! UNHRC is watching every step of GR.

    • What are the facts ? This may have been a frustrated officers expression of his inability to control an indisciplined individual. Sri Lankan’s are world renowned experts at circumventing rules and regulations.

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