Government considering a temporary lockdown

The Government is said to be considering a temporary lockdown to ensure essential services are able to obtain the fuel they require.

However, no final decision has been reached on the matter.

Essential services are unable to obtain fuel owing to the massive queues outside fuel stations across the country.

The situation is expected to continue until fresh stocks of fuel arrives in the country after 10th July.

As a result the Government is giving careful consideration to a temporary lockdown.

Government sources said that a temporary lockdown will ensure only essential services obtain the remaining fuel in the country.

The Government has already declared a work from home period till 10th July. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. We have heard that Mr. Dudley Senanayake was an inefficient Leader of Sri Lanka (Ceylon). But he was admired for his honesty, simple and down to earth attitude, who walked when necessary, without body-guards or escort. He was brought back to power after some time.
    It seem we were absolutely wrong and the present rulers and their cohorts cannot hold a candle to Mr.Dudley Senanayake. Is it the family tree?
    They are now re-writing the definition to the word inefficient.

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