Mahinda Rajapaksa is not in hospital

Reports claiming that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa was serious in hospital, is false, his office said.

There were reports that Mahinda Rajapaksa had been admitted to hospital and that his condition was serious.

However, his office denied the claims. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. In May 2010, the LTTE regrouped in Philadelphia USA to launch the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) in a 3 day conference. They vouched to achieve Eelam through political means- by destroying Rajapaksa brothers (yes, they wanted to punish them) and destroying Sri Lanka economically and politically. They had the backing of the West. Then they manipulated the regime change. One of their top guns, R. Paskaralingam was secretly brought from London and housed at Galadari in a false name. He worked as an advisor to PM Ranil Wickramasinghe from 2015 to 2018 to mastermind the economic destruction of Sri Lanka with people like Arjun Mahendran.

    People in Sri Lanka can be easily fooled by fabricated claims- fed by dubious groups like the Anonymous and Western media personnel. The more recent regime change to get rid of Mahinda R. was manipulated by the groups backed by the West, including LTTE separatists. Look at the people who control Sri Lanka’s economy and you will find links to those who want to divide Sri Lanka. Gotabaya R. has been a captive – by the local agents who are driving the destructive Western agenda for Sri Lanka- the Pathfinders who work for the agenda of the corrupt Western NGOs like World Economic Forum.

    Most Sri Lankans by now have forgotten that Mahinda Rajapaksa was the key to defeating brutal LTTE terrorism with a leadership which lacked before. Sri Lankans have forgotten how they used to live in fear of LTTE suicide bombers and massacres. Today, duped by the false claims of the LTTE and the Western NGO-funded groups, they want their previous brave leader to die. Remember what happened with the Arabic Spring a decade ago? Those Arabic populations that got rid of their nationalist leaders really brought destruction upon themselves. LTTEers and the West are winning and Sri Lankans are losings. Wake up Sri Lankans.

    At least be decent human beings. What has happened to the kindness of people? Do you really think it is OK to wish death upon a human being, let alone this man who saved your nation from the deadliest terrorist group? When your minds are so polluted and you have become vicious (60 odd houses burned down belonged to the nationalist politicians), you are creating a lot of bad Karma for yourselves. One day you will be crying for the nationalist leaders who could have saved you. However, that might not happen because you are most likely live in a disillusioned state. Fooled forever. Read your history and you will realise that you have been fooled over and over.

  2. Listen to the 20th century statesman Lee Kuan Yew, he said that Britain brought Tamils and Sinhalease together by establishing the English language, rail and road networks etc. You should have taught twice before kicking out Britain, because it can easily create divisions. You are done, unless you join with superior power than Britain. I would not surprise, if Britain gave idea to Sinhala extremists to bring Sinhala only policy as they encouraged the diaspora leaders to turn against Indo-Lanka agreement and Norway led peace agreement. Why do you think the US and UK didn’t make any official statement about Indo-Lanka agreement in 1987 or Norway led peace agreement in 2002/2003?

    Systematic divisions…

    The British gave independence to South Asia after making sure that divisions were in place. If India had a plan to unite South Asia to utilise the largest human resources as China does, the British would not have given independence to South Asians. Because that would have been the greatest threat to the Western powers in the 20th century. The divisions were systematically created in every part of South Asia, including Sri Lanka, but the obvious one was dividing India and creating Pakistan.

    Surely, Britain ripped off Sri Lanka but joining with poor India wasn’t a wise move.

    A red light was flashing once Pakistan was created, but the Sri Lankan leaders weren’t wise enough to see it. The western powers were on full swing to divide and conquer South Asians from a distance. And they did a perfect job, including divisions in Sri Lanka. In the 20th century Sri Lanka should not have gone behind India. Because India wasn’t developed enough to help its neighbourhood. Sri Lanka should have stayed under Britain to enhance its knowledge and skills. Great Britain took the resources from South Asia but South Asians didn’t acquire Britain’s knowledge and skills.

    I am isolated in Australia due to my writings, but I will never move to South Asia.

    I am well aware of South Asia. Remember, South Asians killed Gandhi. The talented leaders and intellectuals were assassinated in Sri Lanka after independence. I am better off in Australia than living among utter fools to put myself in danger in Sri Lanka. I am continuing to enhance my knowledge and fighting a brave fight in Australia. Because I can fight against white supremacists in Australia but fighting against dark minds in Sri Lanka is utter foolishness. If the ugly minds of Australian political elites kill me, that will be an opportunity to prove their fake democracy. So they can’t continue to occupy the moral high ground to divide and conquer the world’s majority.

    In Australia, I don’t visit South Asians nor I allow South Asians in my house for safety reasons, because I don’t trust the western puppets. In 2008, the Australian Government deleted my citizenship without a legal proceeding and trumertised as an illegal immigrant when I made awareness of the Australian Aboriginal people’s and refugees’ hardships, especially when I handed flyers during the world youth day in Sydney. The entire South Asians ran and hid, including my uncle (mother’s brother). If I was born in Russia or China, the Australian Government would not have gone this far. The Australian political elites know that South Asians are fuc(ked up and easy to spin their heads.

    The Australian officials told me that I will die as a lonely man because South Asians listen to westerners rather than their own intellectuals. My parents encouraged me to read. By 16 years old I had read about Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Junior. My mother always encouraged me to change the world. My legacy is becoming the first South Asian ever exposed the ugly minds of Australian political elites. I was not born in Australia. It means the ugly minds can isolate me easily, because I don’t have family friends or good neighbours.

    I am not against the people of Australia. Remember, when the Australian Government deleted my citizenship due to my writings the entire South Asians ran and hid, but two Australian families stood with me and fought against the government. Eventually, we reinstated my citizenship. The government officials knocked on my door and said ‘You brown Asian shit, go back to your country, don’t tell us what to do. I didn’t bother about their comments. So they went on to delete my citizenship to give me hard times. Nowadays they want to see me dying in isolation. But nothing will stop me, because I know what my legacy is. The Australian ugly minds can’t touch me, neither can South Asians seduce me in any way, shape or form to bow down to the western powers.

    I know how diligently the Five Eyes countries divide and conquer others.

    Compared with the world’s population, the Five Eyes countries’ total population is 3.5% but they dominate 96.5% of the population. Their greatest asset is the ability to divide others. Last December my mother’s sister died in Brisbane, Australia but nobody invited me for the funeral. I only found out two weeks later. This is how I am always isolated in Australia due to my writings. Even though I am better educated than all of my relatives in Australia and do not have a criminal record, people dislike me because of the Australian Government’s disinformation. This is how the western powers, especially the Five Eyes countries(US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) divide and rule the world’s majority.

  3. There is a saying of Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) . It goes as follows: “The citizens of a nation get a leader, whom they deserve.” It holds good today under democracy as well as in the past under monarchy. None of these political parties forced us to elect them as rulers. They gave us words rousing our base feelings of hatred, whether it was language, race, religion, tribe and when necessary cash, drinks etc. We believed every word they said, because it was easy and conformed to our mind set. So, we voted them in, and we got ruler(s) whom we deserve to get. What is the use of hollering “it is creeping into my loin cloth.”? Do we see Lebanon? Every world power used that country as their battle ground, to settle their dispute. So enjoy man!

    • Becareful wishing evil for any mankind, it may bounce back to thyself and its the law of attraction

  4. Sri Lanka is a small country, but has far more dark minds than India. The leaders would do anything to have power. After the brutal civil war, the leaders think that anything is achievable no matter how evil. Clearly, the country has lost its genuine path and normalcy (Easter Sunday bombings and 9th of May violences).

    India is free to buy oil from Russia but the Rajapaksas are not. Clearly, the Rajapaksas are not wise. The Americans are ruling them. A red flag was flying high when Basil Rajapaksa got American citizenship without any qualification, but Sri Lankans were not in alert mode to see it, including myself.

  5. Sri Lankans don’t give a shit if he dies any more..! Not a man who left with dignity cz of extreme power hunger..!

  6. Is this going to be like Jayalalithaa’s death where they hide the truth from the citizenry for many days!??

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