Two killed in Moratuwa shooting incident

Two people were killed during a shooting incident at the Katubedda Junction in Moratuwa today.

The Police said that the two people were killed while they were travelling in a vehicle.

One of the two victims was identified as Lilantha Kumara Silva alias Ukkuwa.

Further investigations into the murder are underway.

A number of shooting incidents have been reported over the past few weeks.

Most incidents have been linked to rivalries between criminal groups. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. These killings are supposedly witnesses in cases being killed. If true the UN needs to step in. What are the cases these people are connected to media please reveal these details?

  2. In future please publish more background of these murders. Citizenry need to know the reality in order to adjust to our new ground reality.

    We need to know are these political killings, political thugs fighting, drug dealers turf wars, activists killings, business men being killed, people unable to repay loans being killed, extortion killings.

    Just posting some one got shot or stabbed is not news!

    Media at times tend to be accomplices in hiding the truth from the citizenry.

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