Police crackdown on protest at Chatham Street

The Police arrested a number of people who were protesting at Chatham Street in Colombo today.

The Police had earlier placed barriers and prevented the protesters from getting close to the official residence of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

The protest was staged by the United National Self-Employed Businessmen’s Association.

Subsequently the Police arrested a number of protesters in the area. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Has Hirunika become the 2022 version of Jansi Rani of Sri Lanka? Oh boy! This lady has the guts and the voice! She does not mince words when she addresses Gota. UNP and SJB leaders should take a lesson form Hirunika.

    • People can’t afford coconut oil while Hirunika is crying how she can’t get butter for her children. SJB is busy trying to build up their politicians through the failed populist methods while other political parties are busy building up educated youth and purging their parties of anyone even being allegedly involved in money laundering or illegal activities.

      They only Iron Lady Sri Lanka had was Chandrika. Any modern role model for women and young girls needs to be a well educated lady not a gangster with a foul mouth…

      • Sunil, until this post, I thought you were a person of reasonable intellect with a good knowledge of Sri Lankan affairs. However, by holding up the Robber Baroness Chandrika Kumaratunga as a role model, you have proved yourself to be a BLOODY MORON !

        • Gabriella, I’m referring to women in Sri Lankan politics so far I never said they weren’t flawed.

          And you conveniently missed the part where I said “ Any modern role model for women and young girls needs to be a well educated lady not a gangster with a foul mouth…”

  2. “ List from higher-up’ to issue fuel for luxury SUVs from Kolonnawa Terminal” Newsfirst

    So friends and family of the Rajapaksas and SLPP failed government get fuel while we sit at home with our tokens?

    How is this allowed to happen?

    Send these incompetent SLPP government and the Rajapaksas home immediately…

    Enough of this rubbish.
    International help will overflow as soon as these criminals are prosecuted and held accountable…

  3. “ Is the SJB against privatisation? Does the SJB support the continued monopoly held by the CPC unions which have resulted in the institute accumulating total losses amounting to Rs. 561bn?” – Dinouk Colombaga

    Why is this not all over the news?

    How Sajith is using SJB to play controlled opposition for the SLPP and take the side of the loss making CPC to block moves to privatize??

    Full privatization of CPC is welcome, get another international service provider that will run it professionally and profitably.

    But see that no Rajapaksas criminals are allowed to run, supply fuel or have any connections to these private companies…

    The Colombo elites want you to replace the SLPP dictator who created this crisis with the SJB gangster who is standing by the CPC that has been running at a loss while they give you a token and send you home with no fuel…

    How many fuel stations are owned by these political gangsters?

    These corrupt criminals should be exposed…

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