Sri Lanka seeks fuel from India on an urgent basis

Sri Lanka has sought petrol and diesel from India on an urgent basis.

The High Commissioner of Sri Lanka to India Milinda Moragoda met with the Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Housing and Urban Affairs of India Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, today to discuss urgent matters pertaining to bilateral energy cooperation. The meeting was held at the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs in New Delhi.

At the outset, High Commissioner Moragoda briefed Minister Puri on the acute challenges that Sri Lanka is currently facing with regard to the supply and distribution of petroleum products and the severe hardships that the people are undergoing.

While thanking India for the assistance that was extended in the form of lines of credit to import fuel, the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka discussed with Minister Puri the possibility of securing petrol and diesel supplies that are required by Sri Lanka at present on an urgent basis. Minister Puri responded positively in this regard and assured the High Commissioner of all possible support to Sri Lanka at this critical juncture.

The High Commissioner and the Minister also discussed modalities through which India and Sri Lanka could further expand cooperation in the petroleum sector to help overcome the immediate crisis and to ensure the energy security in Sri Lanka.

In this context, High Commissioner Moragoda and Minister Puri discussed ways and means through which Sri Lanka could establish long-term ties in the petroleum, oil, gas and related logistics sectors. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sri Lanka had golden opportunities to come up in the 20th and 21st centuries but missed it.

    In the 20th century Sri Lanka should not have gone behind India. Because India wasn’t developed enough to help its neighbourhood. Sri Lanka should have stayed under Britain to enhance its knowledge and skills. Great Britain took the resources from South Asia but South Asians didn’t acquire Britain’s knowledge and skills. In the 21st century, Sri Lanka should have used the knowledge of China but it has missed as well. Non alliance policy will not help to develop the country, because nobody would trust you. Singapore never leaned on China or India. It relied only on the western powers. In the 21 century China has money. So, Sri Lanka should have leaned only on China. Sri Lanka missed good opportunities. It has no chance to redeem itself in our lifetime.

    Sri Lankans need to be re-educated, it will take generations to fix the problem.

    The Sri Lankan politicians use religion and language to come to power and let the people indulge their laziness in the name of religion. Basically, leaders have been running the country by taking out loans and allowing people to indulge their laziness to get votes to be in power. It’s a completely useless system. The western powers deliberately introduced it to undermine billions of people to dominate the world. This system will work in western countries where the government has a lot of natural resources or the technical skills. Remember that North America and Australasia were invaded on genocides to possess enormous resources. South Asia does not have huge natural resources; if South Asia had resources, Britain would not have allowed South Asians to be independent.

    Europeans make money from their technical skills. But South Asians are not as advanced as Europeans to use technical skills to make money. Thus, South Asia must change its system and use its largest human resources to obtain foreign investment based on cost-effective production in manufacturing and agricultural sectors. China should teach Sri Lankan people ‘how to fish’ instead of feeding them. China should not encourage South Asian leaders to use religion and language to gain power; and the people should not indulge in laziness in the name of religion and democracy while borrowing money to eat.

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