TMVP informant spills the beans

By Easwaran Rutnam

An informant of the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pullikal (TMVP), the breakaway faction of the LTTE, has made explosive revelations to the United Nations (UN) in Geneva, Daily Mirror learns.

Diplomatic sources told Daily Mirror that the informant had revealed sensitive information related to the Easter Sunday attacks and a number of murders and enforced disappearances.

The informant had written to some key diplomatic missions in Colombo and overseas giving brief details of the information in his possession.

He had then fled the country recently and sought refuge overseas fearing for his life.

Sources revealed that the TMVP informant has met officials at the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and given statements related to crimes linked to the TMVP and others.

UN officials had recorded statements from the informant over a period of approximately 5 days, sources said.

Daily Mirror learns that the informant had made revelations linked to the murder of former MPs Joseph Pararajasingham and Nadarajah Raviraj as well as the disappearance of journalist Prageeth Eknaligoda.

The informant had also revealed details of murders committed directly and indirectly by the TMVP.

Daily Mirror learns that the information revealed to the UN and diplomatic missions implicates some individuals who were linked to the former regime.

It is not clear what the UN or the diplomatic missions will do with the information in their possession.

Daily Mirror attempted to reach TMVP Leader and MP Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan for a comment but he could not be contacted.

Daily Mirror also attempted to obtain a comment from the UN in Geneva, but the attempts proved futile. (Courtesy Daily Mirror)


    • Dear Gabriella,

      I don’t allow any South Asian into my house nor i step into their houses. These fools made to worship the western powers for generations, so the westerners are safe. But they would do anything to undermine people like me me. This is why I stay away from them.

      I was in Sri Lanka between 2015 and 2017. This is what they did to an intellectual who spent most of his time in libraries.

      In 2015, they laughed at me during my speech for the position of Vice Chancellor at the University of Colombo. I gave a speech on how I intend to raise the standard of Colombo University by collaborating with the National University of Singapore (NUS). They shouted at me ‘this is Sri Lanka not Singapore.’

      In 2017, a western puppet who didn’t even pass GCE O/L sprayed pepper spray into my eyes and robbed my laptop, Australian passport, and smart phone. I have a witness. I identified the culprit and lodged six complaints with the Sri Lankan police, but the police did nothing. Not a single Sri Lankan media outlet reported the incident.

      If I ever seek political asylum from Russia or China, that will be based on the convicts’ systematic isolation.

      The Liberal Party and Murdoch media are publishing victory stories about the Murugappan family, in order to encourage the boat people. So they can use the boat people against the Labor government to win the next election under the slogan of ‘weak border control’

      I have posted the following messages on the Foreign Minister Penny Wong’s Facebook account.

      Re; I urge to deal with your citizens immediately, or you will be sorry.

      You are giving hero’s welcome to unskilled refugees but isolating talented Australians. Recently,  Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition to the US is approved by UK Home Secretary. ‘The Murugappan family have been pictured at Brisbane Airport as they make the last leg of their journey back to Biloela, where locals are preparing a hero’s welcome.’

      On top of my Australian postgraduate studies I spent most of my time in libraries. But I am isolated. You will be sorry, if you continue to insult my knowledge. I am in an open air prison and Julian Assange is still in a maximum security prison in the UK.

  1. Where is MP Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan? Obviously, he not in Sri Lanka. Surely, some people have to come up with something to get a refugee status or political asylum :–)))

    And the western powers would be delighted 🙂

    Typical South Asians, like minded people as the Rajapaksas and Tamil diaspora leaders. Only look after themselves. If you breed like rabbits in the name of religion and democracy; you have to sell your people and your motherland to fulfill your petty desires. Because of the limited resources in your country. I met many Indians in Australia. All of them are working hard to show off something to their own circle of people in India. Nobody thinks what they must do to beat the western powers. They grew up in poverty, we cannot blame them. We must blame the corrupt and foolish leaders who follow the western powers blindly.

    In 2008, the entire South Asians ran and hid when the Australian Government deleted my citizenship due to my writings. That day I knew you a disgraceful race and shame for humanity. Today, you are begging the world to eat; you truly deserve it, because of your self centered lifestyle. Trust me it will happen to Indians. Can you imagine India’s vulnerable status; if there is no western powers. It will happen in due time. This is why I am tirelessly enlightening the dragon and Russians. I don’t want entire South Asians remain disgraceful race. We need to deal with India to change the people’s mindset in South Asia.

  2. What revelation!!!! Now Rajapaksas are cleared of all offences and sins. None of the Rajapaksas have blood on their hands and they can move around in the society freely. They can come back and sit in the Parliament. Even Zahran is as innocent and blooming Rose. Only problem is he cannot be resuscitated. Anyway, his family can compensated from pubic funds. There may some unspent funds stacked in some obscure ministry. We can bring the Royal family back to power, and bequeath the Lifetime Presidency to Prince Namal. Does this TMVP has an explanation to the death of Thajudeen? That will plum on the cake! By the way, what do we do with GR?


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