I am proud of my breasts says Hirunika

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) member Hirunika Premachandra says she is proud of her breasts.

She made the comments after some people began to make fun of her exposed breasts during a protest staged today.

“I am proud of my breasts! I breastfed three beautiful kids. I nurtured them, comforted them and dedicated my whole body for them. I am sure people who make fun of my exposed breasts ( due to the clash with the police) also sucked thier mothers nipples until its raw when they were infants. Anyway when you are done talking, making memes and laughing about my breasts , there was ANOTHER civilian died in a queue… Just so you know!” she said in a post on social media.

A group led by Hirunika Premachandra staged a protest near the private residence of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe at 5th Lane today.

The former MP demanded to meet the Prime Minister to hand over a letter.

However, the Police placed barricades and prevented the protesters from getting close to the Prime Minister’s residence.

A tense situation also took place when some women who accompanied the former MP attempted to force their way past the barricade. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It says a lot about your disgusting and dark mindset when you talk about a woman such a way.

    In Australia I don’t allow South Asians into my house, and I don’t step into South Asians house either. Today, Sri Lankans haven’t got enough food to eat because of their disgraceful mindset. Since independence you have multiplied your stupidity four times. Thanks to Indians who implemented a stupid political system to undermine whole South Asians to please the western powers.

  2. “ When Hirunika harassed whole country standing for her

    When Isaipriya naked and raped brutally, whole county ate milk rice to celebrate that” from Twitter

    People are not stupid please stop spinning this story to make Hirunika look less stupid. Man or woman that was stupid behavior that showcases everything wrong with politics in Sri Lanka.

    Ruled by thugs and gangsters? Is this what we want to continue or are we getting educated politicians into politics now?

  3. What were you doing trying to climb on top of those policemen/women??

    The focus is not on your breasts but your strange behavior…

    So now all can see what the SJB is all about!
    This is behavior like one of those South Indian women thugs…

    Hirunika Premachandra you are only showing the world how the SJB behave and establishing the party is made up of thugs, money launderers and those involved in criminal activities just like the SLPP so why should we support this???

    No international support will come until a complete audit of every politician is conducted and investigations into how they can afford these vehicles and houses and the lavish lunches and dinners regularly in star hotels daily.

    Prosecutions and accountability is a must to get out of this crisis…

    Commit to working with international agencies to recover stolen money, crackdown on money laundering, and initiate legal action on the Rajapaksas instead of these meaningless drama daily.

    Don’t you dare come asking for votes before you do so.

    People are fed up of this…


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