Police ordered to use minimum force at filling stations

The Police have been ordered to use minimum force at filling stations to control unruly crowds.

The Ministry of Public Security has issued a directive in this effect to the Police following a meeting held with the authorities.

The Secretary to the Ministry issued the directive in order to maintain law and order.

The Police have also been instructed not to take any action on those protesting peacefully at fuel stations.

A number of incidents have been reported at fuel stations across the country.

The public have even clashed with the Police and Army at some fuel stations. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. “ The Samagi Jana Balawegaya states that a massive series of protests will be launched from next week against the President, Prime Minister and the Government’s agenda which continues to oppress the people.”

    SJB stay away from real peoples protests please.

    Keep your propaganda separate from the peoples protests we don’t want another bunch of thugs running this country.

    Throw out the thugs in SJB or don’t come asking for votes…

    You lot are no better that the SLPP.

    Don’t come asking for votes unless you commit to holding the Rajapaksas and SLPP criminals accountable, work with international agencies to recover stolen assets and monies, crack down on money laundering, investigate all those who have wealth and lead lifestyles that don’t match their income, and prosecute them.

    • Agreed. But what is the action plan? Do we start a party based on “Aam Athmi” in India, organized by educated youths, who captured New Delhi? Who will guide us? The same scoundrels with blood stained hands from the mass murder of Ordinary Catholic elders, the innocent Tamils during every race riots, or the Muslims who tend to their own business? Be assured, every one of those power hungry pseudo leaders will come with a bunch of flowers and a Lotus bud, to guide us. Of course they will come with blessings of the clergy. Do you know why? Like the wild beasts, they have tasted the blood, and their greed for more power, more money will never be satiated – until handful of earth is thrown into their ever open mouths. – Death. There will be others to take their place. They will be ferocious. Are you ready to deal with them? Are you game for it? Then let’s take that step. God Bless you.

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