MP’s son and wife threaten Police

The son of an opposition Member of Parliament and his wife threatened Police officers at an interchange of the Southern Expressway.

A video of the incident has been shared on social media and shows the couple using offensive and swear words to abuse the policemen.

The heated exchange took place when the couple were reportedly refused entry to the expressway as a refrigerator placed at the back of their vehicle was not secure and was loaded in an unsafe manner.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Ravindu Wedaarachchi, son of Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) Parliamentarian Dilip Wedaarachchi.

Ravindu Wedaarachchi and his wife threatened the Police and were even seen pushing them at times for refusing to allow them to enter the expressway.

A complaint was lodged at the Weeraketiya Police Station over the incident. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. We have heard of Appuwas becoming kings, now we see them pretending to be kings, in real life. “Were the British too hasty in granting us freedom?” I wonder sometimes.

  2. Let these fellows come during election campaign will get it properly from the people. Rehan is another SJB thug like this…

    No voting for SJP, SLPP or SLFP

  3. Basically, foolish thugs are running the country, but you think that you have democracy :—)))

    • All the thugs will be chased off before the next elections and jailed. Any political party that gives nominations to thugs like these will not only lose the elections the party will have to take a swim in the Beira Lake…

      SJB, SLPP, SLFP don’t you dare come around election canvassing before kicking out the thugs in your party…

      Anyone thinking of continuing corruption be ready to face the people.

      New politicians will rise up this time around.

      SJB took the UNP trash with them making way for a team of educated skillful youth to replace them.

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