Court bans protesters from entering several roads in Colombo

A court order has been obtained preventing protesters from entering several roads in Colombo tomorrow (Saturday).

The Fort Police obtained the court order with a number of protests set to take place in Colombo tomorrow to mark 50 days since the Galle Face protest.

The court has banned protesters from entering York Street and Bank Street, which lead to the President’s House.

Attempts earlier by protesters to enter those roads led to the Police using tear gas and water cannons to disperse them.

The court order issued on the protests tomorrow also bans them from forcibly entering or damaging public institutions and official residences in the Colombo Fort police division, or obstructing the duties of Police officers in the area. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. What a change in the society! We had leaders like D.S. and Dudley Senanayakes who mingled with the common man. We had Sirimavo who was the darling of the commoner. Also JR who stood with farmers and ploughed the paddy field with his ministers. We still have Ranil who is seen with the common man, leading Maithri to the election stage or chatting with protestors. Now we have darlings Rajapaksas and followers, who have a barrier around them keeping the citizens at bay. They are all our leaders, but we see the change. In Tamil there is saying, if you carry a heavy purse, you fear to walk on the road. Can this be the reason for distancing from public?

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