Protest staged near Ranil’s residence and office

A protest was staged near the residence and office of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, disrupting traffic along Flower Road.

The protesters walked from “No Deal Gama” near Temple Trees towards Flower Road.

The Police blocked part of the road and presented a court order against the protesters.

However, the protesters refused to accept the court order and continued to agitate against the Prime Minister.

The Police and Special Task Force strengthened security outside the Prime Minister’s Office and Flower Road and Wickremesinghe’s residence at 5th Lane. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. GotaGoGama protest in front of SJB politician Rams house in Kollupitiya he is colluding with the Rajapaksas and is a black money proxy.

    Money laundering should be exposed.

  2. Ranil could not achieve anything significant during his terms. He was appointed 5 times as a Prime Minister. India and the western countries know Ranil’s incompetency but putting up with him because he is a puppet of India and westen powers. Basically, the foreign powers’ puppets are becoming leaders in Sri Lanka. Therefore, future of Sri Lanka looks very dim.

      • Gabriella, you are the real lunatic, because you never reveal your identity. As I said many times, you have no chance of hiding behind your fake profile in China or Russia, but only on South Asian media. No wonder why South Asian countries are becoming bankrupt :–)))

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