Imran Khan warns Pakistan heading towards Sri Lanka-like situation

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned that Pakistan was heading towards a Sri Lanka-like situation.

Condemning the crackdown on leaders and workers of his party to stop them from marching on the capital, PTI chief Imran Khan on Tuesday urged “neutrals” to help protect the country’s integrity, as per their oath.

“Allah does not allow being a neutral. You have to decide to stand with the righteous or with the other side,” he said at a presser at CM House. “The entire nation is looking at you (neutrals). The masses will pass judgment and if the country inches towards destruction, you will be equally responsible for it,” he claimed, just two days after asking the army at a presser to “remain neutral if army is neutral”.

The ex-premier also asked the judiciary to intervene. “With great respect, I am asking our judiciary to not allow what is going on in the country,” he said, adding that the entire country had been blocked by placing obstacles in the way of marchers.

He said the government had started harassing PTI leadership and workers. “Did the judiciary allow anyone trespassing privacy inside homes?” he asked, while referring to police raids on the residences of his followers. He warned that judiciary’s credibility would be destroyed if the police raids continued and that would mean end of democracy.

“We have categorically clarified that financial condition of the country is very bad, as the incumbent government has destroyed it,” he said, adding that the fall of Pakistani rupee against the dollar would trigger a fresh wave of price hike.

Warning that Pakistan was heading towards Sri Lanka-like situation, he said the only solution was an immediate election.

He alleged that Shehbaz Sharif and his son Hamza Shehbaz did not join the government to serve the masse but to abolish corruption cases against them. He alleged the incumbent government was determined to “abolish NAB” and “make ECP its slave” with the aim to “win elections through rigging”.

“I will lead the long march from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and it will be the biggest march in the history of Pakistan,” he said.

He said his efforts for strengthening the democracy were “not politics, but jihad”. America brought the corrupt politicians to rule the Pakistan under a conspiracy, he alleged, adding that they were the “slaves of America” who would obey US directives because they had stashed their wealth in foreign banks.

He recalled that the PTI government during its three and a half years tenure had never barred the opposition from protests or rallies. However, he said, the incumbent government launched a crackdown as if PTI leaders and their families were “criminals or traitors”. (Dawn / Colombo Gazette)


  1. Without a doubt,, Pakistan is done because of its Islamic extremism. India will pay a heavy price if it continues to uphold Hinduism as Sri Lanka did with Buddhism.

    If you learn from wise leaders, you don’t have to suffer.

    Learn from LKY, truly a great statesman in the 20th century.

  2. Yesterday, India’s Prime Minister Modi has praised the democratic system and urged the other leaders to protect it. He has made those remarks during the Quad summit in Japan. The truth is Primer Minister Modi has been buying votes by bribing the poor people who are struggling to meet end needs. Furthermore, Prime Minister Modi uses the CBI for character assassinations. The CBI files false cases to undermine the opposition political party members. If Russia or China does those things, the westen media will be exposing it 24/7. Because Russia and China are powerful countries. India has too many issues, it will never become a powerful country. So, the West doesn’t have to expose India. Indians are not fooling the world but themselves. Indians are living in a fantasy world and hoping that the western powers will make India powerful country to dominate of Asia and the world  :–)))

  3. I feel sorry for South Asia.

    The creation of Pakistan was integral to Britain’s grand strategy. Pakistan was created in 1947 after the Partition of the British Indian Empire. A red flag incident took place in 1947. This showed India’s inability to understand the British. This was a highlight of India’s capacity and capability. However, the Sri Lankan leaders didn’t take a note of it, but decided to go behind India in 1948. This was nothing but a suicidal move, because Sri Lanka had failed to use Britain to enhance its knowledge and skills. Today, Sri Lankans are paying a huge price for their stupidity. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan lost his Prime Minister position by a phone call. Please note, Imran Khan was elected by the people of Pakistan but the Americans have changed the regime by making a phone call. Unfortunately, South Asians do not understand the western powers. Everyone learns somehow, but South Asians will continue to learn through hard ways, due to lack of knowledge.

    Please watch this video clip: CNN reporter interviews Imran Khan.

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