Sri Lankan born Cassandra Fernando elected to Australian Parliament

Sri Lankan born Cassandra Fernando has been elected to the Australian Parliament.

She beat another candidate of Sri Lankan origin, Ranj Perera.

Cassandra is a proud migrant, a pastry chef, an advocate for essential workers and the Federal Labor Candidate for Holt.

She came to Australia with her family when she was 11, and she has called Melbourne’s South-East home ever since. 

Having made this journey, her parents taught her to never take anything for granted and instilled three values that she has upholds to this day: hard work, commitment and gratitude. 

Her parents taught her that she was entitled to a fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work as well as the importance of being committed to the community.  

She began working at Woolies Dandenong Plaza as a teenager, and spent almost 15 years baking, stacking shelves and making lifelong friends. 

She now represents workers in the retail and fast food industries, fighting to improve the pay and conditions of my former colleagues—essential workers who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic.

She has also volunteered to tutor migrants and refugees from non-English speaking backgrounds so they can make the best of every opportunity. 

Her parents also taught her to be grateful—to her community and to Australia—and never miss an opportunity to repay the gratitude. 

She decided to become the Candidate for Holt because she knew that only a Labor Government can deliver a better future for Holt—a future in which families like hers are not held back or left behind. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This shows the current standard of Australia. Plenty of opportunities for politically naive people. But we’ll informed Australian citizens Julian Assange is in a maximum security prison in the UK and I am in open air prison in Australia, due the government’s systematic isolation. The new government has a priority to set free Sri Lanka refugees but turning a blind eye when it comes to dealing with its own citizens. The entire Tamil and Sinhalease communities ran and hid when the Australian Government deleted my citizenship when I made awareness of the Australian Aboriginal people’s and refugees’ hardships. However, the Australian leaders think that those Tamils and Sinhalease would be tremendous political leaders. Clearly talents, knowledge and courage are not important to become a leader in Australia any more. They only look for candidates’ desire to hide the government’s crimes. Surely, Russians and Chinese have something to talk about Australia’s new government :—)))

  2. Just what Australia needs; another 225 Sri Lankan born representatives, elected to parliament ! If that happens, all the refugee boats will be heading to Sri Lanka from Australia.

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