Sri Lanka looks forward to working with new Australian PM

Sri Lanka says it looks forward to working with new Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa congratulated Albanese on his election saying the Sri Lanka Government of and he look forward to working closely with the new Prime Minister to maintain and further strengthen the bilateral ties between both nations.

Australia elected its first Labor government in almost a decade and Anthony Albanese as Prime Minister, ousting Scott Morrison’s coalition.

Albanese told jubilant supporters that Australians had “voted for change”. However it is still unclear whether he can secure a majority.

The centre-left leader vowed to bring people together, invest in social services and “end the climate wars”.

Morrison thanked the “miracle of the Australian people” after conceding.

In perhaps the greatest twist, the election saw large support for Greens and independent candidates – many running on climate platforms. (Colombo Gazette / BBC)


  1. This election we saw increasing independent candidates. Because the both, Liberal and Labor parties have become clubs to provide government benefits and fame to its members and partners. The people are getting tired of these clubs. I didn’t vote for those two clubs. I voted for independent candidate.

    • You are sitting in Australia talking about Sri Lanka while saying never trust someone who doesn’t live in the country how ironic?

      • I was talking about the invaders who took others’ homelands on genocides and systematically covering up their atrocities to occupy the moral high ground to divide and conquer the world’s majority. I am an immigrant, my parents, grandparents or forefathers didn’t eliminate a particular race to take over others’ homelands. I passed the criminal record check to get my citizenship in Australia. If Australian Aboriginal people were powerful enough to conduct criminal record check, all the convicts would have deported on the spot and Australia would not have born. Remember, United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand were born at the expense of Native people.

      • Dear Silva, I hope I gave you with interest. Don’t try to be smart with me. An ability to create a fake profile name will not make you a genius.

        As I mentioned already. You can succeed in fooling South Asians, but not Russians or Chinese.

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