Filling stations where public protest will not get fuel

Filling stations where public stage protests and obstruct operations will not get fuel.

Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera said that a policy decision has been taken to suspend fuel distribution to fuel sheds were the public cause obstructions during the process of fuel distribution.

Protests were reported at a number of fuel stations today owing to a delay to distribute fuel.

Protests were staged in several parts of the country today demanding gas and fuel.

A number of roads were blocked by protesters obstructing vehicular movements.

Protesters placed gas cylinders and other obstacles and blocked roads in Nawala, Narahenpita, Baseline Road, Galle, and a few other areas.

Long queues were seen outside almost all fuel stations and gas distribution outlets from last night.

Most fuel stations were closed this morning as they had run out of fuel.

The Government had said earlier that fuel and gas were expected to be distributed today. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It is sheer irresponsibility of the minister to make such a threatening statement. People do not queue braving sun and rain, day and night for the fun of it. They are asking for bare necessities, the Govt. is bound to provide. They are not asking anything free. Why are they doing it? Somebody spreads a news that fuel is arriving at particular shed, and the people rush to form queues. but it turns out that fuel bowser is still loading, while the message says the bowser is 10 or 15 minutes from the destination. You should see these men rushing from petrol shed to petrol shed, the whole night, burning what ever fuel is in their vehicles. Some of them wait out the whole night and the next day they are supposed to report for duty. Do you think Mr. Minister this is fun? There are those who make money in the misery. It is the duty of the authorities to stop the culprits. If the Minister is unable to perform his role, please give it to a person who uses his brain not brawn. PLEASE GO. You are in wrong era.

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