Court issues order on HND protest march

The Colombo Fort Magistrate has issued an order on a protest march by students of the Higher National Diploma (HND).

The order bans the students from entering certain roads in Fort or damaging property.

The order was issued on a request made by the Fort Police.

The court order bans the students from entering or damaging State institutions in the Fort area.

The order also bans students from entering certain roads in the Fort area.

HND students engaged in a protest march to Fort today. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. When a disease is not treated properly and with full dosage, the virus develops immunity to the medicine. So you have to give a stronger medicine with a bigger dosage. Are we approaching the level of this immune virus? Can we face the repercussions of such a situation? Innocent youngsters with lots of dream and hope are being turned away at the sight of unscrupulous politicians, who taunt their authority and immunity from law. Some these politicians are going to the extent to mock at the democracy that bought them to power. It is a bad omen for the country. There may be forces who may use these frustrated minds for their benefit. Rulers! please be pragmatic and LOYAL to the nation.

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