Canadian PM says Sri Lankans deserve peaceful and stable country

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today said that Sri Lankans deserve a peaceful and stable country.

Issuing a statement to mark the 13th anniversary of the end of the armed conflict in Sri Lanka, the Canadian Prime Minister said that his thoughts are with the families and loved ones who continue to live with the pain, trauma, and loss from this tragedy.

“As we mark the 13th anniversary of the end of the armed conflict in Sri Lanka, we remember and pay tribute to the lives that were lost during these 26 years of armed conflict, including at the massacre in Mullivaikal, as well as those who went missing, were injured, or displaced. Our thoughts are with the families and loved ones who continue to live with the pain, trauma, and loss from this tragedy,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that this year, there are concerns for the continued suffering of the people in Sri Lanka during the current economic and political crisis.

“We urge the Sri Lankan government to ensure people’s right to protest and freedom of expression are respected and we call on all parties to refrain from violence,” he said.

He said that the people of Sri Lanka, including the Tamil people, deserve a safe, peaceful, and stable country.

“Over the years, I have met with the Tamil community, and others affected by the war in Sri Lanka and their experiences remind us of the ongoing need to achieve lasting peace and reconciliation. Canada continues to call on Sri Lanka to fulfill its commitment to establish a meaningful accountability process that provides justice for victims and survivors, and we will keep working as a member of the core group on Sri Lanka at the United Nations Human Rights Council to ensure accountability and reconciliation. Canada also continues to offer its support to the Government of Sri Lanka in taking concrete action to uphold its human rights obligations, and to all those working toward peace and reconciliation in the country,” he said.

Trudeau encouraged Canadians to reach out to their Tamil neighbours, and others affected by the armed conflict in Sri Lanka, to express their solidarity.

He said that by learning about and reflecting on past tragedies, all can work together to ensure they never happen again and build a better future for everyone. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. It is a shame the Five Eyes countries didn’t think this way during the Indo-Lanka agreement and Norway led peace agreement in 2003. The Five Eyes countries have ugly faces to dominate the world’s majority through divide and conquer strategy but wears a peaceful mask to fool the world.

    • The western powers can create a bloody chaos in India by using India’s religious, language, and caste issues, especially through western based social media. However, India shows no sign of overtaking the western countries in economy or defence spending. So India is safe now; but the truth is Indians are at the mercy of western powers. India’s RSS and RAW do not have the capacity to undermine the western powers. They can only show their power to the Rajapaksas.

      Former Superpower Russia and the dragon are struggling against the Western powers. What are the chances of South Asians?

      Occupying the moral high ground is extremely important to lead the world. However, the world’s majority has failed on this particular strategy, especially Russia and China. I have tried hard to enlighten the world’s majority about this particular weakness but wasn’t successful, because Russia and China are too busy in dealing with the issues created by the western powers through divide and conquer strategy. Russia and China must think ‘how can we do the same to the western powers’ instead of overwhelmed with the current situation. Sometimes we must take off our minds from the current issues, and think how can we do the same to our adversaries. The Five Eyes countries not only take every opportunity to divide and rule others, but constantly push to create an environment to divide and rule others. Unfortunately, the Kremlin and Beijing completely lost when it comes to divide and conquer the western powers, especially the Five Eyes countries.

      Russians and Chinese live in their own country, but the Americans, Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders are occupying others’ homelands by committing genocides. The world knows the British Empire’s atrocities all around the world. However the western powers are successfully using Ukraine against Russia. Likewise, they are using Taiwan and Hong Kong against China. The problem is the world’s majority continues to allow the western powers to divide and conquer them. It’s time for Russia and China to find ways to to educate young Aboriginals of North America and Australasia, so those young people have the knowledge to come up. I have been asking the Kremlin to provide scholarships for these young natives to enhance their knowledge to question their 3rd world lifestyle in their own country which has enormous resources, but President Putin does not take it seriously.

      The Russian Empire became Soviet Union, then Soviet Union became Russia. Currently, the western powers wants to divide Russia even further. Russia had failed to utilise my knowledge, especially my hardships and isolation as a writer in western countries, in order to enlighten its neighbourhood to unite former Soviet Union countries. I had applied for political asylum at the Russian Embassy in Singapore in 2014, but Russian officials didn’t acknowledge my hardships as a writer. By doing so, Russia indirectly exalted the western democracy and human rights. No wonder why Ukraine, Finland and Sweden want to be with NATO and America. Very unfortunate to see the deaths and suffering in Ukraine. Lovely country and beautiful people; but sad to see a disaster among the people who are culturally and linguistically the same.

      I have been to China twice but I couldn’t even get a job to teach the English language with my postgraduate qualification. But westerners were allowed to teach the English Language with high school qualifications. China felt uncomfortable to keep me in China because I constantly emphasised on winning the world by exposing the Five Eyes countries’ invasions from the 15th century to the 21st century, especially the current status of Aboriginal people in their own countries in North America and Australasia. And also about Julian Assange’s imprisonment and Edward Snowden’s political asylum in Russia. I wrote a statement saying that ‘the West made China as the world’s factory and it has the power to take that privilege away from China.’ The US has created COVID 19 and it is taking away China’s privilege as the world’s factory. However, Beijing didn’t understand my prediction but felt uncomfortable with my writings.

      China has not recognised an Asian who has been making a difference in human development, particularly in western countries. By doing so, China indirectly sends a message to the whole world that Asians are not interested in human development and they only care about having a job or business and family. Clearly, China is not making wise moves to convince the world about Asians’ global leadership. This will lead to an irreversible disaster, because China is not doing enough to convince Asians’ global leadership. So the western powers will do everything to defend its dominant power. This will lead to a war. Today, we are suffering from COVID 19. Tomorrow will be helpless and suffering from nuclear bombs, because we have failed ourselves. Sadly, intelligent people become spectators of incompetent leaders in the name of ‘prosperity.’

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