Nearly 400 arrested over recent mob violence

Nearly 400 suspects have been arrested over the recent mob violence, including over the attack at Galle Face and near Temple Trees.

The Police said that 159 people were arrested yesterday (Sunday).

The suspects were arrested for attacking public property, looting, assault and other offences.

A mob led by the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) had gone on a rampage on 9th May, attacking peaceful demonstrators near Temple Trees and at Galle Face.

Angry supporters of those demonstrating at Galle Face had then taken to the streets and set fire to buses used by the SLPP mob.

They also attacked property linked to the SLPP and assaulted a number of individuals.

Public assistance was sought by the Police yesterday to identify individuals involved in the attack at Galle Face and near Temple Trees.

The Police had sought the assistance of the public to identify the individuals involved in the attack on peaceful protesters at Galle Face and near Temple Trees on the 09 May. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Antany,
    The intelligence services of Sri Lanka is one of the best in the world, next to “Mosad”. They do work independently, but under the command of able and well trained personnel. If you tell that they have failed, then it is only that they had “NOT” been monitoring the “media and the YouTube channels” properly. Look at how Sirasa News 1st., TV channel and some of the YouTube channels are broadcasting “Instigative propaganda” over their National air time and YouTube Channels continuously. The Maharaja Media consortium has always been harmful to Sri Lanka “patriots” and the people who love their “Maathruboomiya”. Mahinda and Gotabaya “FAILED” to put them in their place because the so-called world leaders who supported “free media” as a civil society” weapon to topple governments always harped on the government when strict regulations were prompted to control media on principles. It is time that Ranil or Gota should “SLAMP” down “SIRASA NEWS 1st., TV channels and News 1st., Digital YouTube Channels” in all three languages. The “BREAKING NEWS” pretext is another method that these channels use to achieve their goals of instigating “MOB” attitudes among the general public and directing their thoughts towards unwanted protests. Every hour, they broadcast a news and you see that it is a new so-called civil society organization been shown protesting on the same “message” or creating “metaphors” that calls for protests or riots.
    “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels. This is what Sirasa News 1st., channels and their YouTube News channels have been doing throughout when the is crisis in our “Maatruboomiya”. We saw this during the LTTE onslaught on our Nation and Tri-Forces by the LTTE till 2009 May. Now we see it in the crisis that is on-going. Sirasa News 1st., Channels and Sirasa News 1st., Digital Channels doing the same “HARM” to our nation because they want to “plant” a government that can be a “PUPPET” to them, a US-Western, EU supported government.
    It is time that Ranil or Gota should “CLAMP” down “SIRASA NEWS 1st., TV channels and News 1st., Digital YouTube Channels” in all three languages and all YouTube Channels propagating protests and broadcasting “instigative news” through whatever channels/Institutions democratically.
    The government should be very “FIRM” in their resolve in bringing these protests and riots under control. They should take into custody all the so-called leaders who are involved in these violent actions of “arson and damage to private and public property” with a strong “arm”. People like Chathura Seneratne, the present president/sectary and the former president/secretary of the IUSF and JVP Lal Kantha should be arrested immediately. TV news reporting should be used to identify the “JVP, SJB, Frontline Socialist Party, UNP drug addicts and the JVP goons who had been away in foreign countries and the Middle East who flew to Sri Lanka to carry out the special missions of the so-called “peoples protest” and create anarchy these days as we have witnessed in our beloved “MAATHRUBOOMIYA”. Where were these goons when Prabaharan and the LTTE went on an “on slaughter” both militarily and otherwise in Sri Lanka and abroad through their front lobbies in Canada, Europe and North America?

    Have you SINHALESE PEOPLE FORGOTTEN THE DISASTER THEY CREATED TO YOUR NATION AND HOW THE TRI FORCES DEFENDED OUR “MAATHRUBOOMIYA” UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF SLFP/SLPP GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIPS. Was it not Mahinda and Gota along with Sarath Fonseka save the “SINHALA NATION” without being divided like what happened in making Aceh an independent Nation in 2005 by the US and Western conspirators, just after the Tsunami.
    Noor Nizam – Peace and Political Activist, Political Communications Researcher, Freelance Journalist, Patriotic Citizen.

  2. Massive failure in intelligence gathering. If the CID work independently and does its job, it could have arrested the instigators well before violence started to occur. What had happened in 1983 is happening again and again again. The CID has been failing to protect the people, properties and vehicles. Above all, it has been allowing the country to get embarrassed internationally. This shows not even one department works independently, efficiently and effectively. This is why this country fought Asia’s longest brutal civil war for decades and became a bankrupt country.

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