Parliament to convene on 17th May as decided earlier

Parliament is to convene on 17th May as decided earlier, following the appointment of a new Prime Minister.

Political party leaders reached the agreement on the date to convene Parliament, at a meeting with Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena today.

It was decided to convene Parliament on 17th May, as was previously decided and not earlier.

It was also decided to debate a motion expressing displeasure against the President, after obtaining the approval of Parliament.

There were calls earlier to convene Parliament this week to discuss the crisis in the country. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Omalpe Sobitha & Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith who recommended you vote for the worst corrupt criminal family the Rajapaksas into power now object move to appoint Ranil the man best suited for the job as PM!

    Seems they have their own way of protecting criminals or bringing them into power?

    Religious leaders are a big part of why our country is in this mess.

    They should shut up and stay out of politics and preach in temples and churches while serving the people who are suffering due to their royal Rajapaksa mess…

    Apologies to the people for your part in bringing the worst corrupt criminal family into power first and make a promise to never interfere in politics hear after…

  2. So all a game to fool people and buy time? No new PM, 19th amendment or anything?
    Let’s see how the citizenry take this?

    We should be having emergency parliamentary sessions to find solutions to the crisis not playing these cheap delay tactics and games with the lives of our citizenry!

    Use zoom to organize daily parliamentary sessions to save money.

    Zoom session should be live streamed for everyone to see.

    Act like responsible politicians at least now you corrupt power hungry pigs…

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