US State Department calls for political stability in Sri Lanka

The US State Department has called for political stability in Sri Lanka and also urged the Government and political leaders to work quickly to ensure public safety.

State Department Spokesman Ned Price said the US is concerned by the deployment of the military in Sri Lanka.

“We underscore, we stress that peaceful protesters should never be subject to violence or intimidation, whether that’s on the part of a military force or civilian unit,” he said.

More broadly, the US said that it is deeply concerned by reports of escalating violence in Sri Lanka over the past few days.

“We condemn, as I said before, violence against peaceful protesters. We call for a full investigation, arrests, and prosecution of anyone instigating and involved in acts of violence. We are, as I said before, also closely monitoring the deployment of troops, something that is of concern to us, and we’re also closely following political developments and the situation on the ground in Sri Lanka after the resignation of the Prime Minister,” Ned Price said.

The US urged the Government and political leaders to work quickly to ensure public safety and work together to identify and implement solutions to achieve long-term economic and political stability in Sri Lanka.

Ned Price said the Government must address the Sri Lankan people’s discontent over the economic crisis, including power, food, and medicine shortages, as well as their concerns about the political future of their country. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Look, who is concern about the developing countries’ political stability :—)))

    It is like devil concerning about the people’s welfare :—)))

  2. “ How come one politician was allowed to enter #GotaGoGama without any issues and Opposition Leader @sajithpremadasa was attacked? – Kamal Gunaratne questions while condemning attacks on @sajithpremadasa” – Jamila Husain

    Kamala let the cat out of the bag showing everyone that Sajith is with the Rajapaksas and cutting deals to protect them?

  3. Why is Kamal still playing defense minister cabinet is dissolved as soon as the prime minister resigned. All statements can only come from the president now. No one else has any authority except maybe the Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka?

    AG, Lawyers you know better?

  4. The Rajapaksas have deployed troops claiming it is for public security! Only threat to public security are the Rajapaksas military should arrest them and hand them over to the authorities problem solved…

    Now that the military are out who next Indian and UN troops? US & Chinese troops to follow?

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