SJB ready to form Cabinet under strict conditions

The Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) has indicated its willingness to form a new Cabinet, under strict conditions.

The SJB has informed President Gotabaya Rajapaksa that it will agree to form a new Cabinet based on four conditions.

The conditions are that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa must step down within a stipulated time frame, he must not hamper the activities of the New Government, he must agree to abolish the Executive Presidency and once the situation in the country stabilises the people must be given an opportunity to form a new Government.

The SJB had earlier refused to be part of the new Government until President Gotabaya Rajapaksa resigns.

SJB Leader Sajith Premadasa had noted earlier that the key demand of the public is that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa resigns.

As a result, he had said that the SJB will not join an interim Government with Gotabaya Rajapaksa as President.

President Rajapaksa is negotiating with several political parties to form an all-party Cabinet following the resignation of Mahinda Rajapaksa from the post of Prime Minister. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sajith and Maithripala getting exposed for protecting the Rajapaksas and are scared to get into the hot seat because it’s as good as the electric chair for them.

    They can’t drag and play games anymore the people are sharp now and will not tolerate and games…

    Even a cent stolen or slightest corruption will get them a lifelong lesson…

  2. The country desperately needs a leader who can acknowledge intellectuals and ready to make the people to swallow bitter pills to change the political system. Otherwise, impossible to recover from this disaster.

    India’s journey to the abyss with its neighbors.

    The western countries will fall automatically, if western powers help India to come up as wealthy as China. Because it will be impossible to beat the two Asian giants. The western powers already regretting helping the dragon(China) to become the world factory. The western powers will not commit to India, but they will pretend to help India to use India against China. Covid-19 will not disappear soon. India will continue to borrow. In a few years time India will become bankrupt like Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has borrowed 110% of its GDP. India also already borrowed 58% (unofficial figure 86%) of its GDP. Covid 19 is not going to disappear soon, India will continue to borrow and eventually it will become bankrupt. I have been writing about this for the last few years, but nobody has taken it seriously. Let’s see how long India can help Sri Lanka. The Indian leaders are kidding themselves by signing development projects in Sri Lanka. My question is, do they really have the money to implement those development projects? Can they always borrow to please themselves and their neighbors?

    The Western powers have tricked South Asia by introducing democracy. Consider the situation in Sri Lankan since last Monday, do you really think that you have evolved to have a democratic system? Politically sounded Indians and Pakistanis know that they have been tricked and they also know impossible to reverse the system. Sri Lanka can try to change the system because it is a small country, but not easy. I would not say impossible. You are well aware how you treat your own people based on caste, religion, language and gender. Impossible to dominate westerners, Russians, Japanese or Chinese. You cannot even dominante Singaporeans. I knew this was coming on the day entire South Asians ran away and hid when the Australian government revoked my citizenship for making awareness of the Australian Aboriginal people’s and refugees’ hardships. The Australian Government hoodwinked entire country and I couldn’t fight my case through a lawyer. However, when I reached out to the international community the government reinstated my citizenship. Fourteen years have gone but justice hasn’t served. Still the government is stopping me from getting a professional job. They are still punishing me for reaching out to the international community.

    The Australian Government would not have deleted my citizenship without a legal proceeding, if I was born in Russia or China. The Australian leaders knew they can spin South Asians’ heads easily. I know you can not understand western tricks. Currently, you are paying a huge price for your stupidity. I spent most of my time in libraries. I have never been married because I want to continue to improve my knowledge in order to enlighten the billions of people who are dominated by minority westerners. But you will not listen to me or write a single sentence about me on Wikipedia. But you have never failed to write pages about your corrupt and foolish politicians. South Asians send a clear message to the world. “We do not respect intellectuals, very easy to divide us and we can not even create one developed country in our region, even though South Asia has a larger population than China.” Former US President Trump said, ‘Have you seen a developed country govern by brown or black people? The answer is no, because they are utter fools. He is right, he has explained perfectly.

    Conclusion: Nothing is possible for Sri Lankans. They are resilient, they came out from Asia’s longest brutal civil war. Surely, they can come out from the current economic disaster. Only need to is acknowledging intellectuals and ready to swallow bitter pills to change the political system to make their future generations live decently.

  3. Sajith values his political career more than leading people out of hard times. Ranil is experienced and has all the necessary tools to get us out of this crisis if opposition doesn’t continually sabotage.

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