Iraj willing to visit Galle Face demonstration site to be beaten

Musician Iraj Weeraratne says he is willing to visit the Galle Face demonstration site to be beaten by the public.

A mob stormed the family home of musician Iraj Weeraratne last night, causing extensive damage to the property.

Video footage shared on social media showed the mob pelting stones at the house before entering the premises.

In a video shared on social media Iraj said that he does not stay at that house and that only his parents and sister stay there.

Weeraratne said that his mother and sister were away when the incident took place while the father was in a room.

The mob had destroyed some of the furniture and equipment in the house and looted several items.

Iraj said that he was sad that the mob attacked the house where his parents stay.

He said that his parents are not involved in politics and that the house was built out of their own money.

Weeraratne said that if the public have an issue with him then they should deal with him.

He also said that he is prepared to visit Galle Face if the demonstrators want to attack him. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. This is the outcome of the all party deals? Dismantle GGG protests shame on you Sajith handover SJB to Sarath Fonseka immediately and resign from politics.

  2. Sajiths deal with Gotabaya!

    To allow Gotabaya to dismantle the GGG protests by calling them JVP even though SJB was a huge active part of GGG too. Playing with the protesters safety after all the big talk of protecting them!

    Now everyone knows how he ran away from the UNP the same way he ran away from Galleface from the crooks both times. You have to prosecute and jail the crooks not cut deals to protect them!

    Sarath Fonseka can’t stand these deals and will leave Sajith if this keeps up…

  3. SJB who were a huge part of the GGG protests in Galleface are running away just like Sajith saying the JVP have hijacked the protests. Truth is JVP and people with no political affiliation from all social ethnic religious backgrounds were their from day one. It’s these SJB cowards trying to dump everything on the JVP when the going gets tough they run? Have the SJB forgotten how they were hogging the GGG protests during the start and claiming it’s an SJB protest. People see through you lot of politicians…

    Shame on you people trying this game to split the GGG protesters for your personal agendas…

    Protests are United despite SJB games like these.

    Some SJB supporters even saying we sent 100 food packs each day shame. Using a threat to cut off food how cheap!

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