Army denies claims it plans to provoke and shoot

The Army has denied claims it plans to provoke and then shoot at the general public.

Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army General Shavendra Silva rejected claims made by Duminda Nagamuwa of the Frontline Socialist Party saying that the armed forces are poised to shoot at the general public after provoking them.

General Shavendra Silva insisted that members of the armed forces would not resort to such disgraceful acts, under any circumstances.

The military has been ordered to shoot anyone looting public property or causing harm to individuals.

Issuing a brief statement, the Defence Ministry had said that the tri-forces have been ordered to shoot anyone looting or destroying public property.

The order was issued after mobs continued to attack and destroy public property in several parts of the country.

A number of houses owned by ruling party politicians have been damaged and set on fire while Government supporters have also been attacked over the past two days. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. I would support the army to shoot anyone that destroys government property or causing injury to anyone. Maintaining the law and order is extremely vital. Let the legal system punish the perpetrators.

    Destroying properties, government’s vehicles, including buses will not solve any problem. In fact, those assets were bought by taxpayers’ money. Let the legal system prevail. If you don’t trust the current legal system, find a way to fix it. Think and act like wise people and do not embarrasse yourselves. To be honest, after seeing all those foolish actions of the government and anti government supporters, I am embarrassed to say I was born in Sri Lanka. The people are complaining that they don’t have fuel, but the protesters have enough fuel to burn public assets. This shows whoever behind this protest is not putting the country first but placing their own and their foreign masters’ interest first.

    Please note, I am against destroying public properties. Facebook has blooked me from discouraging the protesters destroying public assets. This will give you an idea who is behind the protest. Putting pressure on the political leaders to do the right things is a good thing, but do not let the foreign power to hijack the good course to impose its foreign agenda.

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