Demonstration opposite Ranil’s private residence

By Easwaran Rutnam

A demonstration was staged opposite the residence of United National Party (UNP) Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe today.

The protesters accused the former Prime Minister of having secret deals with the Government.

They demanded that Wickremesinghe step down as UNP Leader and appoint a new Leader.

The protesters also sought a meeting with Wickremesinghe but the former Prime Minister turned it down.

He offered to meet them at Sirikotha on Monday instead of his private residence.

A large Police presence was also seen around his house at 5th Lane.

The protesters had gathered near Ladies College and walked towards his residence at 5th Lane.

Meanwhile, supporters of Wickremesinghe had also gathered near his residence resulting in some tense moments.

Wickremesinghe’s supporters carried placards saying “We want Ranil” and accused the protesters of having a hidden agenda.

The Police had to give protection for one anti-Ranil demonstrator who had arrived at the location when the others had left and only pro-Ranil supporters were there.

She was later escorted away with Police protection. (Colombo Gazette)


A tense situation arose near the residence of UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe when pro-Ranil supporters confronted an anti-Ranil demonstrator #SriLanka #Lka #CrisisLK #ProtestLK @RW_UNP


  1. Rajapaksas who are the biggest threat to the country are right under their noses and these Colombo clowns are protesting in front of the house of a man who’s party has one seat in parliament! In fact the data shows during his government the country was on the path to recovery thanks to Ranil and Mangala who were the brains. As for accountability the most number of cases were filed under his government Duminda Silva got life sentence, war criminals were jailed all pardon by the Rajapaksas and cases thrown out. Who keeps spinning these lies that he is protecting these criminals when the data clearly shows otherwise!???

    The this “Bond-scam” propaganda can one of you Colombo idiots who bought into it explain what this scam is?

  2. We have a foolish government destroying our country while these Colombo 7 fools are protesting in front of the house of a man from the opposition who has 1 seat and has nothing to do with the crisis the country is facing!

    Shows the level of education of these hypocrites go join the real protests in Galleface or in front of parliament you cowards…

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