Australia says China took port because Sri Lanka couldn’t pay

Australia says China gained control of a port in Sri Lanka because the island could not pay for the debt that they incurred from the Chinese in building that port.

The Australian Government was referring to the Hambantota Port which was built by China ans is now being managed by the Chinese together with Sri Lanka.

‘They’ve got a port in Sri Lanka, where they’ve taken that port back because the Sri Lankans couldn’t pay for the debt that they’d incurred from the Chinese in building that port,’ Australia’s Defence Minister Peter Dutton said.

Peter Dutton said that Australia wants a normalised peaceful relationship with every country, including China. But he says China has changed.

Dutton said while it was in Australia’s best interests to have a good relationship with China they weren’t going to be ‘subservient or cower to them’.

He said the country’s military and naval capacities had to be prepared for a situation that just a year ago would have been ‘inconceivable’ and more had to be spent on defence to maintain peace and stability with the eastern power.

His comments comes after his own party was criticised for not doing enough to deter a security pact between China and the Solomon Islands.

There are fears the deal between the two countries will mean China could build a military base less than 2,000km from Australian shores.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said the Solomon Islands Government had stated it would not allow any Chinese naval bases under the deal.

On Sunday morning Dutton left open the suggestion that China may have bribed the Solomons to sign the deal. (Daily Mail / Colombo Gazette)


  1. Sri Lanka is bankrupt because of the western powers’ misleading political system.

    In China people cannot waste time or create unrest by talking religion, language or caste. But in South Asia, leaders use language and religion to keep their power. This is a big loophole in South Asia and it will continue to impact the economy negatively. Riots and wars destroy investments, skills and lives, perfect example are 1983 riots and decades long civil war. Extended religious freedom encourages people’s laziness, example poya day every month. Sri Lanka has too many public holidays. This will impact the economy negatively.

    Worst of all, Sri Lankan leaders put Buddhist monks above others. Those Buddhist monks don’t even earn a rupee but being dependent on others. However, Sinhalease leaders put those Buddhist monks on their head and dance. Overall, Sri Lanka’s political structure is wrong. As long as voting system exists, religion and language will continue to undermine the country. I firmly believe that the western powers would not have introduced the democratic ssystem, if there was a tiny chance South Asia coming up above the western countries by using the democratic system.

    The political leaders could not deal with the people’s laziness and dishonesty because the leaders will lose the votes The million dollar question is who will send those lazy people home for working only a few hours a day as government workers? Who will send those dishonest teachers home for teaching as little as possible at schools to make more money from tuition classes? Who will send those corrupt officials home for getting bribes as police and customs officers? The people fool themselves by overlooking their own lies, laziness and dishonesty; meantime hoping to become successful by changing the leaders. The political leaders didn’t fall from the sky, they came from the community. Therefore, the people need to get a look at their own actions.

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