MPs Cassim, Rahuman, Thowfeek withdraw support to Government

Parliamentarians Faizal Cassim, Ishak Rahuman, and M.S. Thowfeek have decided to withdraw the support give to the Government.

The three Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MPs had supported the Government to pass the 20th Amendment to the Constitution and the budget.

However, Cassim told Parliament today that they have decided to withdraw the support given to the Government.

He said that the Government had failed to prevent the current economic crisis.

As a result they had decided to withdraw their support to the Government. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. You brought the Good governance government, but that didn’t work. Then you brought the Rajapaksas with 2/3 majority but that didn’t work either.

    You can send the Rajapaksas home, the million dollar question is who will send you home for working only a few hours a day as a government workers? Who will send you home for teaching as little as possible at schools to make more money from tuition classes? Who will send you home for getting bribes as police and customs officers? Why do you fool yourselves by overlooking your own lies, laziness and dishonesty meantime hoping to become successful by changing the leaders? Your leaders didn’t fall from the sky, they came from you. Therefore, you need to get a look at your own actions before pointing finger at your political leaders.

  2. “Laws necessary for public declaration of MPs assets and to confiscate ill-gotten assets” Eran
    – DailyFT Online

    Good but is he aware that the SJB too has some members with questionable backgrounds? Hope he is going to clean up SJB too and see that they don’t get anywhere near parliament…

  3. They probably smell trouble ahead with looming investigations leading to accountability, prosecutions, jail time or death penalties or the government might even be insane enough to bring the roof down on their head by escalating this dangerous situation into one like Libya!

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