Extremist group linked to violence near President’s residence

Members of an extremist group have been linked to the violence near President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s private residence in Mirihana last night, the President’s Office claimed.

However, further details of the “extremist group” were not mentioned.

The President’s Media Division said that individuals with iron rods and clubs instigated the violence at Pengiriwatta Mawatha in Mirihana,

The Police said that a number of people accused of being involved in the violence have been arrested.

Police Spokesman, SSP Nihal Thalduwa said that 45 people were arrested so far and among them was one woman.

The Police said that two buses, a jeep, three-wheeler and two motorcycles were also set on fire.

Meanwhile, two photojournalists, and five policemen were among those injured in the clashes. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Someone please confirm if Indian troops have come to Colombo and if they are here to protect the rotten Rajapaksa Family or the people of Sri Lanka from them???

  2. Labeling young people’s righteous anger as extremism will not going to help the Rajapaksas.

    Please note Sri Lankans never had leaders who have managed the country’s economy so badly. Basically, the Rajapaksas only believe in loans, for them nothing else about economy. This is how they have defined managing the economy. So, I can understand why people are angry. Literally, the Rajapaksas have embarrassed entire Sri Lankans as fools. Sri Lanka has brain but the Rajapaksas deliberately ignored Sri Lankan intellectuals to have a family dictatorship. Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa has no qualification in finance nor has experience in finance. However, the Rajapaksas change the Constitution to appoint Basil Rajapaksa who has an American citizenship. This is utterly shame for entire Asia. Americans would not allow Sri Lankan, India or Chinese citizen to become a congressman but only the Rajapaksas would appoint an American as a finance minister.

    Mahinda, Gota, Ranil, Maithri, Sampanthan, Sumanthiran all have the same ideology, only their faces are different. Ranil, Gota, Sumanthiran have blocked me from their Facebooks. This year Gota has blocked me from his Facebook, after I mentioned that banning chemical fertilizer is not a wise move without having enough organic fertilizer and adequate training to farmers. I also wrote them to run the both farming parallel, first year 10% organic and 90% chemical, second year 20% organic and 80% chemicals and so forth. I told them to have a ten years plan to establish organic farming, but they didn’t like it. Fools won’t listen to intellectuals. Sri Lanka was the second developed country in Asia before independence. They couldn’t not carry on from what Britain did. Since independence, they took the country backward. How can they come out from the current disaster? Impossible, you are daydreaming about your politicians. Former President Trump said ‘Have you seen a developed country run by brown or black people? The answer is no, because they are fu(ked up.’ He was right, he has explained perfectly.


  3. This is how protests against Ferdinand Marcos started until the entire family was chased out of Philippines, to a far off land. Even his best friend the USA did not let accommodate him. The family flouted their ill gotten wealth in front of the hungry citizens, the same way the Rajapakses and their henchmen are doing right now in Sri Lanka. Vehicle parades, water games, attending functions surrounded by security, and disturbing peace of neighbors are just a few examples. USA will not accommodate them for sure, but who will inherit their wealth?

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