No diesel for next two days owing to unloading delay

There will not be diesel for the next two days owing to a delay in unloading stocks from a ship.

As a result the public have been urged not to queue at fuel stations for diesel tomorrow (Wednesday) and the day after tomorrow (Thursday).

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) said that the unloading of 37,500 metric tonnes of diesel from a ship has been delayed.

The delay in the unloading will result in stocks not being distributed to fuel stations.

However, the CPC said that sufficient stocks of petrol will be distributed to fuel stations. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Recently I happened to see the “Kelani Palama” tele drama, and struck me the booru mentality of our citizens. There was a sentence that says “චන්දෙ ඉල්ලපු උන් ඇඳ උඩ, චන්දේ දුන් අපි ඇඳ යට!” Are we all now under the bed -on a torn mat minus a pillow, while those we voted to power, are now riding the crest? But they add insult to our injury, by shamelessly flaunting their newly found wealth and prosperity and rubbing their stinking backs on our noses. Will we learn a lifetime lesson at least now from these brutes? I doubt. The moment some donkey flaunts the race, religion. language flag, we will all rush behind him as if he is god incarnate. When Ratane announced that we do no want the Thambi oil from the middle east, we were highly thrilled. Now we have to ask Ratane to pass his urine, to start our vehicles.
    We are the laughing stock for the whole world now. Still we have not stopped bickering among the opposition so much so, that. Wimalaya want toe give the lead. Get rid of him and others like him (politically) so that the rest will have some fear for their future.

  2. “ President’s house, Parliament & MPs housing scheme among 191 areas excempted from power cuts” Azzam Ameen.

    The 6.9 million that voted to protect these criminals are probably regretting their decision and are ready to send them to the electric chair or see them hung on the Galle face green…

    What a beautiful country that protects its criminals and let’s them live in luxury while throwing out all cases filled against them and pardoning those who got prosecuted!

    They have no problem destroying the country, lives of our citizens, the future of our children and all this to plunder the country some more and protect themselves from accountability and prosecutions…

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